Zamami dining room in Kin town is reasonable and full scale! Chicken Nanban is delicious

There is a popular dining room for locals in Kin town. The rate is reasonable and heartwarming, that’s “Zamami Shokudou”. Chicken Nanban is a delicious and famous diner, and it is a popular diner filled with local visitors at lunch time. We ate the popular chicken Nanban set meal at that Zamami Shokudou.

I went to the zasami cafeteria at a holiday lunch, when I went to the resraurant, the shop was already full of local customers. It’s a small cafeteria, so it will be full soon. The inside of the restaurant of Zamami Shokudou is like this.

The inside of the restaurant of Zamami Shokudou

It seems that the shopkeeper himself worked on the bright interior design like a cafe. It is quite bright, and even children can enter the store with confidence. After waiting for a while, I finally got a seat. This is the menu of Zamami Shokudou.

the menu of Zamami Shokudou

After all I would like to eat a set meal of Chicken Nanban which has a reputation for being delicious when I come to Zamami Shokudou. Considering the stomach of my child who has entered into adulthood, I ordered the “Chicken Nanban Udon Set Meal”, which had been cooked with udon. And I also ordered chicken curry. I love chicken, so what kind of chicken Nanban can I eat?

Chicken Nanban Udon Set Meal

This is the “Chicken Nanban Udon Set Meal” in Zamami Shokudou. Chicken Nanban, udon, salad, rice, and dessert. At first we tried to eat chicken Nanban. Chicken with original sauce was very juicy and delicious! Udon soup made with bonito, kelp, and iriko soups had a solid taste of dashi and was also very delicious. This volume was 800 yen!! It was delicious and hearty and reasonable price. There was also an ordinary set meal that has not udon, but this seems to be an appropriate amount for growing children.

chicken curry

And this is chicken curry. It was a delicious curry that blends the flavor of the onion and the spicy taste of the spice. As it was a serious curry, I think it’s a bit of a child can not eat for a while. But this was also a delicious curry, and it was a satisfying lunch.

About Zamami Shokudou

Zamami dining room which moved to Kin town from Nago city in 2011. It is already a familiar and popular cafeteria in Kin town, and it is full of local guests at lunchtime. It is a dining room where you can eat a full-scale set meal at a reasonable price. Chicken Nanban is quite good, so please try it if you like chicken.

The Zamami shokudou is here ↓

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