Rich good ramen but refresh aftertaste that is Yuushin in Yaese town

I want to eat rich, thick ramen with Gattsuri type but not only rich, but I want to eat refresh aftertaste. There is ramen restaurant that is perfect for such luxurious requests. That is in Yuushin in Yaese town. Grilled pig meat with plenty of bean sprouts, plus garlic and pig fat are good ramen. This time I ate such a wishful tasty ramen.

Yuushin is located in Kochinda Yaese Town. The inside of the store has table and counter seats, and it is easy to come even with families. Is it still a new shop, it is clean.

The inside of the Yuushin 1

The inside of the Yuushin 2

The menu of Yuushin is this.

The menu of Yuushin 1

The menu of Yuushin 2

I ordered Recommended ramen “Kotemoya Ramen” with Gattsuri style Ramen with many ingredients packed on soup with pork bone and home-made soy sauce. As I was hungry on this day, I also ordered a C set with dumplings and fried rice. There is a great lunch menu for weekday lunch.

great lunch menu for weekday lunch

When I was waiting while I was hungry, Kotemoya Ramen and C set came. It looked delicious. A set of Gattsuri ramen, fried rice and dumplings, the best set for men who are hungry.

Kotemoya ramen, fried rice and dumplings

First of all I drunk ramen soup. It was thick ramen soup which was quite rich with a lot of fat in firmly rich pork bone soy sauce soup. However, it was strange and the aftertaste was refreshing and I could continue to eat steadily. Straight noodles were thin noodles. It was good to match the texture with Bean sprouts! The fragrance and taste of garlic was also accented and I could eat more and more. Because only the richness and aftertaste was refreshing, I can eat deliciously without leaning to my stomach unexpectedly. Fried rice and dumplings do not disturb the taste of ramen, combination with ramen was perfect. My stomach filled with delicious ramen.

On another day I went to eat Tonkotsu ramen. In addition a little luxuriously added “Mini Chashuu Mayo Rice Bowl”.

Tonkotsu ramen and Mini Chashuu Mayo Rice Bowl

This Tonkotsu ramen was also rich, but the aftertaste was refreshing. Soup stock extracted by soft water and pig bones for a long time has plenty of taste of pork bones. With a polite ac pick, they brings out the taste of pig bones. Also thin noodles are strong in the texture and are not defeated by rich soup. To my delight, there is a self service for “Karashi Takana (spicy vegetables)” and garlic. After all the pork bone ramen is garlic and Karashi Takana. In addition to eating, you can enjoy changing taste. I was satisfied with my stomach on this day and went home.

Karashi Takana (spicy vegetables) and garlic

Yuushin shop information
A rich and refreshing ramen made by shop owners from Yaese town who had practiced ramen in Kyushu. The Yuushin that opened for the shops loved by the community is brighter and the customer is likable. The rich and refreshing aftertaste seems that the flavor oil used is deciding the taste. Besides pork bone ramen, miso ramen and soy sauce ramen looks delicious. I will challenge the next time I go.

  • Address:
    901-0401 Kochinda 476, Yaese town, Okinawa
  • Open 111:00-15:00, 17:30-22:00
  • Telephone: 098-996-3557
  • Closed: Manday
  • Car parking: There is a parking lot in front of the store
  • Price: 700 yen ~ 930 yen

Yuushin is here ↓

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