Yutashiku Shokudou, a hidden fish restaurant in the fisherman’s town of Itoman city

Itoman City is nationally famous as a town of fishermen. Yutashiku Shokudou (Yutashiku Restaurant) is a hidden fish restaurant in a residential area of Itoman City. “Yutashiku” is an Okinawan dialect word meaning “Best regards”. We have tasted the delicious fish dishes of this locally owned and operated restaurant, which is run by a father and daughter, and would like to introduce it to you.

Yutashiku Shokudou is located in a residential area near Nishizaki Sports Park. It is located in such a place that you may wonder where the diner is located, so it is better to check the location with Google Map in advance.

The exterior of the restaurant is as shown in the photo above, and looks like a converted house. The interior of the restaurant is as shown in the photo below, and it looks like a fish shop converted into a diner. The atmosphere is quite unique.

The interior of the restaurant

And this is the menu at Yutashiku Shokudou. There are simply only four menu items: Sashimi set meal, boiled fish set meal, Fish soup set meal, and Seafood bowl set meal. Unless they are confident in their fish cuisine, they would not be able to narrow down the menu so much.

the menu at Yutashiku Shokudou

We started with the standard Sashimi set meal (1,300 yen).

Sashimi set meal

There are five types of sashimi including tuna, salmon, and inshore white fish. I tried the tuna sashimi first. The sashimi was cut a little thicker than normal sashimi, so I could really taste the texture and flavor of the tuna. This is the best sashimi I’ve had in a long time!

The salmon and white fish sashimi were also cut thicker, so we could really taste the original umami of the fish. And even though the sashimi was thick, it had a melt-in-my-mouth texture. I think this is a taste that only a confident fish chef can produce. The fish soup was also delicious, with the umami of the broth coming out well, and there were also small bowls of food that I enjoyed until the end.

The boiled fish set meal

The boiled fish set meal (1,300 yen) consisted of a hearty portion of two fish, kampachi and akajin, boiled in soy sauce. Both fish were fatty, yet the flesh was fluffy and soft. The gentle seasoning did not spoil the natural taste of the fish, and I kept eating more and more of it. This was also the most delicious fish stew. If you like fish, you must try this dish! We ate it to the end with a full stomach.

About Yutashiku Shokudou

Yutashiku Shokudou is a delicious fish restaurant in Itoman City, a town of fishermen, run by a father and mother couple. The owner used to be a fish broker. As one would expect from him, he is a connoisseur of fish and his seasoning is superb. If you like fish, you should definitely visit this restaurant at least once. I would like to try the fish soup set meal next time.

Yutashiku Shokudou is here ↓

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