Delicious Okinawa soba to be served at a 100-year-old private house, Yutakayasoba

Speaking of Okinawa, after all Okinawa soba. There are plenty of delicious Okinawa soba restaurants, but there is a shop with delicious Okinawa soba that you can have at an old private house for over 100 years, for example. That is “Yutakayasoba”. Okinawa soba to eat in a 100-year old private house that feels the atmosphere of old good Okinawa is superb.

Yutakayasoba of a 100-year old private house is in Kitanakagusuku village. There is the Okinawa Comprehensive Athletic Park in the immediate vicinity. It is good to play a little at the athletic park and get hungry and go eat. The inside of the shop has a remarkable taste of Okinawa’s old private houses. It’s a nice atmosphere.

Inside photo of Yutakayasoba 1

Inside photo of Yutakayasoba 2

This is the menu of Yutakayasoba. Besides the standard three meat buckwheat noodles and Soki soba, there are also Nakami soba and Yushitofu soba. Looks delicious. If you are unsure what to make, Mix Soba with everything in it. It’s pretty good.

the menu of Yutakayasoba

Well, three pieces of meat, Soki, Nakami Yushitofu, Mix soba all mixed with came. Because I was hungry this time, I ordered a mix soba set with juicy. Looks delicious.

Mix soba set

First, I would drink a bite of soup. A firm taste of pig bones and chicken straws spreaded in my mouth. It was a muddy soup, but it was a solid taste soup with boiled pork bones, chicken sticks and vegetables with high heat over 5 hours. Since they took thoroughly Aku and fat, it was mild but there is richness. I felt deep umami. It was a soup which the shop owner completed by pursuing the ideal taste by trial and error. Sanmainiku and Soki were tasty, and the Nakami was also softer and matched by soba. Yushi tofu was also very soft and tastes firm soybeans. All the toppings were delicious, and it was Okinawa soba with a high degree of perfection.

Yutakayasoba shop information
Delicious Okinawa soba to be served at an old private house for over 100 years, Yutakayasoba. You can have Okinawa soba with three pieces of meat, Soki, Nakami, and Yushi tofu, soup as well as high completeness of all. Because it can be eaten in an old private house drifting the good old atmosphere of Okinawa, the taste will further increase. If you come to Okinawa sightseeing, please come and visit once.

Yutakayasoba is here ↓

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