Excellent cartilage soki-soba with home-made hand-made noodles! Yuntanza-soba

Yomitan Village, the home of Yachimun (pottery) in Okinawa. It is also a place that produces a lot of Okinawan pottery such as Shiisa, vessels and cups that are closely related to Okinawan life. In Yomitan Village, the village of Yachimun, there is also a good Okinawan soba restaurant. Yuntanza Soba is a place where you can enjoy the best cartilage Soki-soba noodles made with homemade hand-made noodles. Yuntanza Soba is a long-established Okinawan soba restaurant that represents Yomitan Village. I went to have lunch with my kids.

The Yuntanza Soba is located on a side road from Route 58 towards Yomitan Village. It is a popular restaurant in Yomitan Village, so it can be quite crowded at lunchtime. The interior of the restaurant is small but clean and neat, and it doesn’t feel like a long-established soba restaurant in the Okinawan countryside.

Photo of Yuntanza soba

This is the menu for Yutanza Soba. The book includes photos of the food, so I think it’s easy for people from overseas to understand.

the menu for Yutanza Soba 1

the menu for Yutanza Soba 2

the menu for Yutanza Soba 3

Yuntanza Soba is famous for its delicious cartilage Soki soba. I could not go wrong with the cartilage Soki soba. I was hungry that day, so I ordered a large bowl of noodles for 100 yen plus. I also wanted to try some other dishes besides Okinawan soba, so I ordered the Fu-Chanpuru set meal for my kids.

cartilage Soki soba

This is the cartilage soki soba of Yuntanza Soba. Yomitan village in the village of Yachimun, and the vessels are also Yachimun. It’s beautiful. First, I took a sip of the soup. The rich taste of the dashi spread in my mouth. The soup was delicious. The soup was served after letting it slept all day and night to allow the flavors to settle down. Homemade hand-made thin noodles went well with the rich umami soup. The noodles are thin and slightly twisted, but the texture was firm and good, not to be outdone by the umami of the soup. The cartilaginous soki was also pulled and tender and very tasty. This was the best cartilage soki-soba you’ll ever hear.

Fu-Chanpuru set meal

And this is the Fu-Chanpuru set meal. It is one of the staple dishes in Okinawa that goes well with rice. And this Fu-Chanpuru dish was also very tasty. The volume was just right, and it matched the rice so well that I was able to enjoy it until the end. Thank you very much for the meal.

About Yuntanza soba

This is a long-established community-based Okinawa soba restaurant representing Yomitan Village, Yachimun no Sato. The Okinawa soba soup inherited from the previous generation is superb. You can taste the rich umami flavor. The store is also bright and clean, so you can come with your children. If you’re having trouble finding lunch near Yomitan Village, you should definitely give it a try.

Yuntanza-soba is here ↓

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