Most menu items are only 330 yen, and the costumer-friendly Senbero Izakaya YUMMY

The corona still hasn’t stopped raging, but nevertheless, daily life is returning little by little. I have also been able to show up at Senbero Izakaya around Makishi Public Market in Naha City from time to time. There are many izakayas that have been doing well since before Corona, but I am happy to see new restaurants opening even in the midst of the Corona disaster. One such recently opened Sembello izakaya around Makishi Public Market is YUMMY, which I will introduce today. Most of the menu items are priced at only 330 yen, and the restaurant also serves senbero, which is quite cost-effective. Let us briefly introduce YUMMY.

YUMMY is located along Sunrise Street, the street behind Makishi Public Market in Naha City. It looks more like a handmade cafe or fast food restaurant than an izakaya.

This is what the interior of YUMMY

This is what the interior of YUMMY looks like. The staff are mostly young girls, so even female customers can feel free to come in alone. You can choose from a 330 yen menu of senbero snacks.

YUMMY food 1

YUMMY food 3

YUMMY food 2

YUMMY food 4

Most of YUMMY’s food menu is 330 yen including tax, which I think is quite cosy. YUMMY seems to call Senbelo’s 1 HAPPY. This is the drink menu.

YUMMY drink menyu

Most of the drink menu is also 330 yen including tax. Since it was my first visit to this restaurant, I started with a Senbero. It was hot in Okinawa, so I quenched my thirst with a cold beer.

a cold beer

Beer is good after all! The cold beer soaked into my hot body. For the Senbero snack, I chose the YUMMY Burger, which is named after the restaurant. I sipped our beers and leisurely waited for my YUMMY burger.

Just as I finished my first beer, the YUMMY burger arrived. I immediately ate it with my second beer.

YUMMY burger and beer

This was a hamburger with SPAM, a favorite of Okinawan people. It was the first time I saw a hamburger made with SPAM. It had hash browns as an ingredient and tasted quite interesting. It was the first time I had tasted a hamburger that tasted like it was made with SPAM. I was quite satisfied with this volume as a snack at Senbero.

On another day, I stopped by YUMMY again. I started the day with a cold beer.

I started the day with a cold beer

I chose YUMMY pizza (half size) as my snack of the day.

I chose YUMMY pizza (half size) as my snack of the day

It is quite nice to be able to choose pizza or hamburgers as snacks at Sembello. We enjoyed them with beer.


YUMMY is a newly opened Senbero izakaya in Corona Disaster. Many of the staff are young and energetic women, and the service is friendly, cheerful, and favorable. I hope that the young power of the izakaya will make the izakaya more and more popular in Naha City.

  • Address: Zip
    900-0013 Makishi 3-4-8, Naha city, Okinawa
  • Open 14:00〜02:00
  • Telephone: 098-894-2266
  • Closed: None
  • Parking: Non
  • Price: 330 yen ~

YUMMY is here ↓

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