Unexpected combination of homemade noodle Soki soba and Itoman black curry is exquisite, Yoshimoto shokudou

Unusual combination of Soki soba and black curry is surprisingly good and addictive. It is in Itoman City that you can enjoy such a surprising and delicious combination Yoshimoto shokudou. I think that it does not match soba with black curry, but this is really tasty and I went to eat for two days in a row. Delicious Soki soba with homemade noodles and rich black curry are exquisite. I introduce Yoshimoto shokudou.

Yoshimoto shokudou is located in Itaman City, a fisher man town. It is an atmosphere that said it looks like a coffee shop in town.

Inside shops of Yoshimoto shokudou

The menu of Yoshimoto dining hall is this. It is easy to understand because it has a photo.

The menu of Yoshimoto dining hall

First of all, I ordered a standard Okinawa soba and black curry set. They stuck to homemade raw noodles, it is fun.

Soki soba and black curry set

Now, Soki soba and black curry came. First of all I will taste the soba soup. Refresshing taste with a bonito and salt based. Homemade raw noodles are fine, but it has eating response. Followed by black curry. Black curry is rich and matches well with Soki soba, it is exquisite. This black curry is probably adding a squid. It is a rich black curry with squid of Itoman City’s famous seika. However, although the taste is rich, it is not very spicy, even a child is fine. The surprising combination of Soki soba and black curry has a volume and it is very tasty.

It was a very nice combination, so I went to eat it the next day. On this day I ordered a set of Mazesoba and black curry which I was a bit concerned yesterday.

Mazesoba and black curry

Mazesoba has a delicious sauce that boiled pig bones, home-made raw noodles are tangled tightly and it is a very tasty dish. It is rich, eatable and delicious, and will continue to eat even in hot summers. It is a rich combination, but it is tasty and will continue to eat steadily. When you add vinegar it becomes refreshing and you can enjoy a different flavor. I enjoyed delicious Okinawa soba and black curry for 2 consecutive days.

About Yoshimoto shokudou
Yoshimoto shokudou (dining room) where you can enjoy a combination of delicious Okinawa soba and rich black curry. The unusual combination of Okinawa soba and black curry was surprisingly excellent and it was exquisite. Lunch at a delicious Okinawa soba shop, and enjoy a delicious awamori and Okinawan cuisine as an izakaya at night. If you want delicious curry and Okinawa soba, please go to the Yoshimoto shokudou and try it. You can enjoy rich black curry and exquisite combination of Okinawa soba.

  • Address:
    901-0315 756 Teruya, Itoman cityOkinawa
  • Lunch 11:00-15:00, Dinner 18:00-22:00
  • Telephone: 098-992-0990
  • Closed: Monday
  • Parking: Please use the parking lot next to the store
  • Price: 580 yen ~ 1,000 yen

Yoshimoto shokudou is here ↓

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