A long-established Yoneya that combines the same taste for half a century, Awamori, Oden and Okinawa soba are excellent!

Prefectural office location that is the center of Naha city. Close to this central location, close to Kokusai-dori, there is a long-established Okinawa Oden restaurant that retains the same taste for over half a century. That is Yeneya. It is a rare old-fashioned red tile house store in the center of this Naha city, and it is a well-established izakaya that people who know to continue to provide traditional Okinawan oden. The awamori I drink while eating Okinawa’s specialty oden is an excellent dish. This time I will introduce this Yoneya.

Right in front of the Yoneya, there is the Okinawa Prefectural Government across the street. There is such a shop in such a place! There is a restaurant according to the place you think. The store interior looks like this. The counter has a good atmosphere like a long-established bar. There is also a large seating area behind the counter.

Inside photo of Yoneya 1

Inside photo of Yoneya 2

The shopkeeper probably likes manga and anime. There are comics and figures everywhere in the store. It gives a more unique atmosphere. However, since it is a long-established izakaya, it has a calm atmosphere, so even first-time customers can drink Awamori and eat Oden slowly. Let’s order awamori and oden when you come to the store.

Awamori and knob

Yoneya Oden

This is Awamori and Oden of Yaneya. Awamori drink with Ryukyu glass is good. And Oden connects the taste that has not changed for more than half a century. Oden, which inherits the taste of its predecessor mother, has a deep and rich umami taste. The pork leg, which has a lot of Oden’s broth, is very soft with its smell and fat being carefully removed. You can see the taste well when you wear it vigorously. There are other basic ingredients such as eggs, Japanese radish, and Hanpen. It is Okinawa-style that green onion is on the oden.

Okinawa soba of Yoneya

And this is Okinawan soba of Yoneya. Okinawa soba, which uses oden soup as a soup, is an excellent dish. The soup that concentrated the rich umami is the best. This Okinawa soba is really good.

Yoneya also has lunch. I wanted to eat a delicious Okinawa soba, so I went for lunch. The lunch menu is this which is stuck on the wall.

The menu of Yoneya

And this is Okinawa soba and juicy set

Okinawa soba and juicy set

The delicious Okinawa soba is delicious no matter how many times you eat it! When it’s time to eat the rich umami ! Unfortunately, we can not eat oden for lunch, but you can be satisfied with this Okinawa soba alone.

About Yoneya

A long-established oden restaurant in Naha city that connects tastes that have not changed for more than half a century, Yoneya. It is a great restaurant where you can enjoy the taste of traditional Okinawan oden. We want tourists to enjoy the delicious oden and awamori in a long-established calm atmosphere. Oden and Okinawa soba are excellent items.

  • Address: Zip
    900-0014 Matsuo 1-10-1, Naha city, Okinawa
  • Open 11:30〜14:00, 17:30~23:00
  • Telephone: 098-867-4575
  • Closed: Sunday
  • Parking lot: None
  • Price: 1,000 yen ~

Yoneya is here ↓

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