Pork bone-based rich taste Okinawa soba and bonito base are both tasty in Yonabaruya

This Yonabaruya is delicious both for Okinawa soba based on pork bones and bonito flavors. Both taste are both pretty tasty, even when you want to eat tightly thick rich Okinawa soba, even if you want to eat refreshing Okinawa soba, you will be satisfied with either. This time I’ve been eating both rich taste and refreshing taste Okinawa soba of Yonabaruya, so I will introduce it.

As the name suggests, Yonabaruya lies along Route 329 of Yonabaru Town. In the past, I introduced this Yonabaruya’s brother, “Yonabaruya II”. Yonabaruya Ⅱ was also a great taste, both tastefully delicious Okinawa soba. I was looking forward to this time. Okinawa folk songs are flowing inside the shop, and the atmosphere that came to the cafeteria of Okinawa is drifting. It’s pretty good.

Inside shop of Yonabaruya 1

Inside shop of Yonabaruya 2

This is the menu of Yonabaruya. It is easy to understand with pictures. In addition to ordinary cartilage Soki soba, there are a lot of different kinds of Okinawa soba such as chicken soba and beach side soba. The shopkeeper is challenging.

the menu of Yonabaruya 2

the menu of Yonabaruya 1

Although I was attracted to a different kind of Okinawa soba, I ordered cartilage Soki soba (Rich taste) to firmly confirm the taste of the Yonabaruya. I was looking forward to it.

As I was waiting while reading the newspaper, cartilage Soki soba arrived right away. It is truly a rich taste pig pork base. The soup was white, it looks pretty rich. If you drink a bowl of soup you will feel it clearly, a rich taste spreads in your mouth. It is a heavy pork bone based heavy taste. But mysteriously, the aftertaste is refreshing. It is Soki soba, which is rich in less oil, so surprisingly easy to eat. A rich Tonkotsu (pig bone) soup can be found and matched well with noodles, and you can eat easily. Its cartilage Soki are surprisingly soft and satisfied with a firm seasoning! It is rich in Okinawa soba, but it was delicious Okinawa soba, which was very delicious and easy to eat.

Soft buckwheat Soki soba with rich taste

Well, it was so tasty cartilage Soki soba, so on the next day I wanted to eat Okinawa soba with refreshing taste, and I visited again. Even if you compare it with a photograph, it is clear. This is made of bonito and it is a transparent soup. It looks like a transparent refreshing taste, but I felt the fragrance of bonito linkage considerably strongly before drinking soup. I drink a bite soup I felt it clearly. It is a soup which is pretty firm. The taste of the bonito is powerful, it tastes light, but the taste is not thin at all. The umami is solid. This was also very delicious.

Soki soba with refreshing taste

About Yonabaruya
Both pork bone-based rich taste, bonito base refreshing taste Okinawa soba are also a delicious in Yonabaruya. It is along National Route 329, so it is nice to be able to easily go by car. They are challenging various varieties of Okinawa soba, so even if you go every day you do not seem to get bored. If you get lost for lunch, Yonabaruya is recommended. Both rich taste and refreshing taste are both tasty.

  • Address:
    901-1303 1040 Yonabaru, Yonabaru town, Okinawa
  • Open 11:00-22:00
  • Telephone: 098-945-8958
  • Closed: None
  • Parking: There is a parking lot behind the store
  • Price: 580 yen ~ 980 yen

Yonabaruya is here ↓

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