If you want to eat delicious Chinese cuisine, Yang Kyou Fang in Naha city is recommended! Lunch is good and profitable, plenty of volume

Do you want to eat delicious Chinese cuisine? You’d like to eat lots of stomach at a great price at authentic Chinese cuisine, don’t you? Yang Kyou Fang where is the Chinese restaurant and recommended in such situation in Naha city. Boasting tremendous support in the business district of Naha city, it is a popular restaurant where you can eat authentic Chinese cuisine. Especially at lunch, you can eat authentic Chinese cuisine with plenty volume at reasonable price. If you want to eat Chinese food full of stimulus and umami, Yang Kyou Fang is the BEST!

Yang Kyou Fang is located in Izumizaki, the business district of Naha city. Since it is located about 5 minutes on foot from Asahibashi Monorail Station, I think that tourists can come to eat casually. The interior of the shop is like this. It is atmosphere of Chinese restaurant.

The interior of Yang Kyou Fang 1

The interior of Yang Kyou Fang 2

The interior of Yang Kyou Fang 3

The lunch menu of Yang Kyou Fang is this. There seems to be daily set meals, too. I would lose it.

The lunch menu of Yang Kyou Fang

daily set meal menu of Yang Kyou Fang

I’d like to eat it from the specialty of the shop if in doubt. So, I ordered “Sichuan Bamboo noodle” specialty of Yang Kyou Fang. I was looking forward to see what kind of noodles was coming.

Sichuan Bamboo noodle

This is Sichuan Bamboo noodle of Yang Kyou Fang specialty. The fragrance of the pepper was quite strong! And after trying to eat a bite, it was still hot! But it was good delicious! A scent of peppers, sesame and various spices passed through my nose. And the irritation of spices and umami and spicy spreaded all at once in my mouth. It was so hot but it tastes delicious and I would go on eating steadily. It was a full-fledged Bampoo noodle packed with plenty of hot taste and umami. Moreover its umami and pungent draws afterwards. After all it was quite hot so sweat came out.

Sichuan Bamboo noodles were so tasty, so I went to eat lunch again on another day. On this day, listen to the menu recommended by the shop staff and chose “Twice cooked pork set meat”. I was looking forward to what it tastes like.

Twice cooked pork set meat

This is the set meal of Yang Kyou Fang. Rice, soup, small bowl, pickles are attached, 800 yen in this volume! This price is quite cheap in Naha city! Of course the taste was fine too! It was rich and authentic Chinese taste that you want to eat more and more rice. It’s pretty tasty. Moreover, It is nice to have rice again and be free. I ate a lot of stomach this day.

Yang Kyou Fang shop information
Over 15 years since opening a shop in the business district of Naha city. At lunch time, Yang Kyou Fang is a popular Chinese restaurant that is busy with business people every day. It is a restaurant where you can enjoy home cooking in various regions of China. When you try to eat, every dish is really tasty and you must want to go again soon. If you want to eat authentic Chinese cuisine full of spicy and umami, Yang Kyou Fang is recommended.

  • Address: 〒
    902-0021 Izumizaki 1-11-3, Naha city, Okinawa
  • Telephone: 098-862-0011
  • Open 11:20~14:30, 17:30~23:00
  • Closed: Tuesday
  • Car parking: None, please use nearby coin parking
  • Price: Lunch is 1000 yen or less, dinner is roughly 2,500 yen a person

Yang Kyou Fang is here↓

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