This is Okinawa dining hall! The Yanbaru-shokudou is cheap and full of stomach

For over 43 years, Okinawa dining hall has been supporting Okinawa people’s stomachs from students to elder men. That is Yanbaru shokudou. We can eat Homemade style dishes of Okinawa’s mothers full. The nearby Okinawa University students, high school students, working guys and to tourists recently are also crowded with lots of people. I was hungry and have eaten A lunch of Yanbaru Shokudou.

The Yanbaru shokudou is in Naha city Nagata. Although it is closed on Tuesdays on a regular holiday, other days are open 24 hours, so if you are hungry, you can eat delicious meals all the time through your stomach. The inside of the shop is just a good old Okinawa dining hall. There is also a seat and the table seat.

Inside photo of Yanbaru shokudou 1

Inside photo of Yanbaru shokudou 2

On this day I visited at about 3 pm on weekdays, but the customers came to the shop without fail. It is a popular cafeteria that is popular beyond generations. The menu of the Yanbaru dining hall is stuck on the wall. It continues to attract a wide range of customers with more than 80 kinds of menus. I was lost for what to do.

The menu of the Yanbaru dining hall

If you get lost at Okinawa lunch, do not hesitate to have a classic A lunch! It is cheap and delicious with plenty of volume is a good place for A lunch in Okinawa.


After waiting for a while, A lunch arrived. It is 880 yen in this volume. Pork cutlets, pork eggs, salads, wiener, hamburger steak, potato fries, and quite a volume. Of course the taste is as imagined, mother handmade gentle taste. But this volume as well. It is hard to be able to eat without having to make it hungry enough. But I tried hard and finished it completely. It was delicious but it got pretty full.

Yanbaru shokudou shop information
Yanbaru shokudou has been keeping stomachs of various people in Okinawa for over 43 years, such as hungry students, working fathers, families. The shop owner of the second generation has been protecting the at home atmosphere and taste and volume now. If you would like to eat a full stomach home dish at Okinawa’s cafeteria, please visit the Yanbaru shokudou. You are going to be full with your stomach. By the way, the highest dish is this A lunch 880 yen. Most set meals are 500 yen to 700 yen. It is also gentle on your wallet.

Yanbaru shokudou is here ↓

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