Yaka soba, a restaurant serving hearty Okinawan noodles with a rich menu

National Route 58, the main artery of Okinawa. National Route 329 runs through the east side of the island, opposite National Route 58, and overlooks the Pacific Ocean. This restaurant is located along Route 329, which connects north and south of Okinawa. There is a restaurant that serves Okinawa soba. It is “Yaka soba”. It is located on the border of Nago City and Ginosa Village, and is a favorite of the locals who are in the know. I would like to introduce to you the restaurant where I had a dinner on my way home from a drive.

Yaka soba is located in Matuda, on the border of Nago City and Ginoza Village. It’s not a famous restaurant, but it’s a popular place for locals to hang out at lunchtime with working fathers and families. When you enter the restaurant, there is a food ticketing machine on the left side.

a food ticketing machine in the Yaka soba

This is what it looks like inside Yaka soba. It’s just like a restaurant in the countryside of Okinawa.

what it looks like inside Yaka soba

The food ticket machine is not labeled by menu, but by amount. You buy a food ticket for the price of the menu you want and order. The menu is posted on the wall of the restaurant. It’s quite bold. There are a lot of Okinawan soba, donburi, and set menus, and it’s hard to decide which one to choose.

The menu is posted on the wall of the restaurant 1

The menu is posted on the wall of the restaurant 2

Since I came with my kids that day, I wanted to give them Okinawan-style food. So we ordered the chicken sprout soba, Chi-Iricha, and squid ink soup. The kids had never had squid ink soup before, so they were very interested in it.

squid ink soup

First, the squid ink soup. It’s a very delicious dish with the rich flavor of squid ink and the bitterness of green vegetables mixed well. It was the first time for my children to try squid ink soup, but they took turns to eat it because it was so delicious. There was not only squid but also cartilage soki, and we could enjoy various textures. Squid ink soup is called “medicine to eat” in Okinawa. Squid ink is rich in dietary fiber and it seems to cleanse the internal organs when eaten. It is one of the healthy Okinawan dishes.


Next up is Chi-Iricha. This is one of the Okinawan dishes made with pork and vegetables stir-fried with pig’s blood. Okinawa people is so fond of pork that it is said, “We eat everything but the squeal of pigs”. He also cooks the pig’s blood well. It looks delicious with egg rolls on top. When we ate it with garlic and rice, we could feel the deliciousness of the pork in our mouth. It is fried pig’s blood, but there is no smell and it is very tasty. It is rich in vitamins and minerals and is effective in preventing summer fatigue.

chicken sprout soba

Then, upon the children’s request, we ordered the “Chicken sprout Soba”. The chicken bean sprout stir-fry was placed on top of the Okinawa soba noodles. It was placed so generously that we couldn’t see the noodles. The chicken bean sprout stir-fry and the soup of the Okinawa soba noodles went well together, and it was very delicious. The noodles were thin but very hearty and we were full after finishing our meal.

About Yaka soba

Yaka Soba offers a wide variety of original menu items and hearty dishes. It is located along Route 329, but it is quite a rural area, so even Okinawans don’t know about it. I’m sure there are many. Stop by on your way back from driving up north.

Yaka soba is here ↓

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