Okinawa soba with plenty of seaweed Asa of Okinawa special product in an old private house built more than 100 years, Yagiya

Delicious Okinawa soba which you can have in an old private house more than 100 years of history. That is Yagiya. Yagiya is a historical old private house designated as a registered tangible cultural property of the Agency for Cultural Affairs. It is Okinawa soba with plenty of Okinawa’s unique seaweed “Asa” at such an old private house. Asa soba that you can feel the scent of the sea in Okinawa. I went to Yagiya to eat such Asa soba.

Yagiya is in Yaese town, south of Okinawa. As you go along National Road No. 507 you will find a signboard of Yaiya. There is Okinawa old-fashioned “Hinpun” at the entrance of Yagiya. “Hinpun” is a thing to blind the house and put out evil. It is exactly Okinawa’s old private house.

The entrance of Yagiya

As soon as entering from the entrance there is a main house. You may feel the atmosphere of Okinawa’s old private house. Since there is no entrance in the old private house in Okinawa, we enter the shop directly from the edge side.

The main house of Yagiya

The inside of the shop is an old private house in Okinawa. It is the same atmosphere as my grandfather’s house. Well Grandpa ‘s house has not been messed up a bit … · · · Yagiya is beautiful as expected.

The inside of Yagiya 1

The inside of Yagiya 2

Well this is the menu of Yagiya. I wanted to order the most popular Asa soba set, but unfortunately the juicy was out of stock on this day. I changed my crying Asa soba single item.

The menu of Yagiya 1

The menu of Yagiya 2

Well, Yagiya’s Asa Soba came. The aroma of the unique Asa came in.

Asa soba

First of all, I drunk a sip. The aroma of the unique Asa and skip of bonito soup spreaded throughout my mouth. As expected, the flavor of Okinawa’s special seaweed “Asa” was strong, so it made me feel like I came near the sea. It is a scent of refreshing sea. Because noodles are also kneaded with Asa, noodles are beautiful green. Asa soba as a whole It tastes crisp but there is also a solid body, it does not get tired even if you eat it everyday. I enjoyed the sea till the end and got delicious.

Yagiya shop information
Delicious Okinawa soba to be served at an old private house for over 100 years. As an established old-fashioned house designated as a registered tangible cultural asset of the country, Asa soba with plenty of Okinawa’s unique seaweed “Asa”. Okinawa soba that you can feel while feeling the scent of the sea and culture of Okinawa. If you come for sightseeing anyway, you want to eat delicious Okinawa soba at Okinawa’s distinctive private house. In that case, please go to Yagiya. Unlike ordinary Okinawa soba, Asa soba feels like the ocean scent of Okinawa.

  • Address:
    901-0502 Ooton 1172, Yaese town, Okinawa
  • Open 11:00-16:00
  • Telephone: 098-998-2774
  • Closed: Tuesday
  • Parking: Yes
  • Price: 630 yen ~ 1,030 yen

Yagiya is here ↓

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