Good goat ramen and unique goat dishes! Goat and Soba Taiyo is the restaurant to go

Heejer (goat soup) is a dish that even among Okinawa people are divided in their likes and dislikes. When celebrating a new house or an addition to a house, Okinawans often mash up a goat to make Heejer and serve it to their neighbors. If you are a true Okinawan, you must have eaten heejer. However, recently, the opportunity to eat it has been decreasing. A unique restaurant that is expanding the repertoire of heejer dishes is “Goat and Soba Taiyo” in Uruma City.

Usually, goat dishes are limited to heejer soup and sashimi, but at Goat and Soba Taiyo, they have developed 13 different goat dishes. Their unique goat dishes include goat ramen, which won the first ever Gachimeshi Grand Prix. We would like to introduce you to Goat and Soba Taiyo.

Goat and Soba Taiyo is located on Route 329, just off the Ishikawa Bypass. It’s easy to find, so you won’t get lost. The inside of the restaurant looks like this. It’s not like a popular restaurant, but more like a drive-in restaurant.

The inside of the restaurant looks like this 1

The inside of the restaurant looks like this 2

Surprisingly, the restaurant doesn’t smell like goat, so even those who don’t like goats will be fine. Here is the menu of Goat and Soba Taiyo.

the menu of Goat and Soba Taiyo 1

the menu of Goat and Soba Taiyo 2

the menu of Goat and Soba Taiyo 3

the menu of Goat and Soba Taiyo 4

the menu of Goat and Soba Taiyo 5

I came with my kids that day, so we discussed which menu to choose. First of all, we couldn’t miss the Goat Set Meal, which includes the standard heejer soup and sashimi. Then there was the Goat Ramen, which was selected as the first Gachimeshi Grand Prix winner. Then we ordered the goat yakisoba, which I liked the intonation of the word. I’ve never had goat ramen before, so I’m looking forward to seeing how it tastes.

the Goat Set Meal

This is the goat set meal, which includes the standard heejer soup and sashimi. Interestingly, at Goat and Soba Taiyo, you can choose the amount of goat oil you want. I’m a big fan of goat, so I ordered 3, which is more than enough oil. The unique smell of the goat is fragrant.

The taste of the soup was surprisingly low in odor and filled with the clear umami of goat. Using goats that are carefully raised from their feed at the company’s own goat farm, the heejer soup is filled with a lighter flavor than any other heejer soup I’ve had. It has less of the animal smell that is characteristic of goat, and I think even people who don’t like hejeer can enjoy it. If it’s this good with goat oil, even beginners can eat it without goat oil.

Gout Ramen

Next was Gout Ramen, the winner of the first Gachimeshi Grand Prix. I couldn’t imagine what it would taste like, but first I took a sip of the soup. You can definitely taste the goat flavor, but the goat flavor and the umami of the soup are so harmonious that you probably wouldn’t know unless you were told. The soup is probably miso-based, but the goat flavor combines well to make it mild. This is a must-try dish even for those who don’t like gout.

the goat yakisoba

And this is the goat yakisoba. The bitterness of the vegetable and the umami taste of the goat meat combine to make this yakisoba with a good texture. The goat meat, when fried, has quite a different texture and taste from regular heejer soup. Even my child, who had never tried heejer before, ate it without hesitation at all.

About Goat and Soba Taiyo

Goat and Soba Taiyo is a goat farm owned by the company that develops original goat dishes using delicious goats with little animal smell. The heejer soup was very tasty, and the original goat dishes such as goat ramen and goat yakisoba were also very tasty. There are many more goat dishes that I would like to try, such as goat bolognese, goat soba, goat risotto, goat champuru, and even goat cheeili chee. I’m looking forward to trying new goat dishes next time.

The Goat and Soba Taiyo is here ↓

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