Yachimun Shokudou in Yaese town is reasonably priced and full volume

There are lots of mass eateries where you can eat Okinawa home cuisine such as Okinawa soba, champuru set meal, Nakami soup, etc. at a reasonable price with full volume. A popular dining hall that continues to support Okinawa people stomach appetite. This time I will introduce one such Okinawan cafeteria “Yachimun Shokudou”. Okinawa home-cooked dishes of all kinds are abundant full volume. It is a perfect cafeteria for lunch and work.

Yachimun restaurant is located in Yaese town. Since it is in a place which entered a little way from State Route 507 line, I think whether to check the place in Google Map beforehand.

The inside of the restaurant has counter and table seats, but it is not very wide. When it is lunch, it will be filled with local customers, so I think you should be shifted slightly.

The inside of the Yachimun Shokudou 1

The inside of the Yachimun Shokudou 2

The menu of the Yachimun shokudou is pasted on the wall inside the store with photos. It is easy to understand.

The menu of the Yachimun shokudou 1

The menu of the Yachimun shokudou 3

The menu of the Yachimun shokudou 2

Every menu seems delicious with full volume. I was lost for what to do. When in doubt, choose a standard Tofu champuru set meal.

Selling machine at the Yachimun Shokudou

I buy a ticket with a ticket machine, hand it over to a clerk and wait for a while.

Tofu champuru set meal

This is Tofu champuru set meal in Yachimun Shokudou. Tofu Champloo, Fried chiken, Sashimi, Okinawa soba (Small), Rice and Volume Scale. Tofu Champuru is of course home taste. It will cook well with rice. This is Okinawa’s home cooking. When I ate all, it became full of stomach.

On another day I went to eat lunch at the cafeteria again. It was a bit chilly on this day, so I ordered a Nakami soup set menu.

Nakami soup set

Nakami soup cooked after carefully processing the pig’s internal organs. Nakami Soup has also been carefully made, and it warms to my body warmly. Yachimun as the name of the cafeteria, a vessel using Okinawa Yachimun (pottery) is also good. It matches Okinawa cuisine well. This day I became full of stomach.

Yachimun Shokudou restaurant information
Reasonable mass eateries, Yachimun Shokudou with volume full scale in Yaese town. Okinawa’s home cooking, offered using Okinawa’s Yachimun as a vessel, is delicious and will be full of honor. It is perfect for lunch with work colleagues, dinner with family. If you wonder where to eat, please try the Yachimun Shokudou once.

Yachimun Shokudou is here ↓

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