Ramen, set meals and bone soup are good! Yacchabou in Okinawa City

It’s quite difficult to find out what to eat for lunch in spring and summer vacations when our children is on vacation. Delicious, voluminous and reasonably priced restaurants are best. Fortunately, there are many such restaurants in Okinawa. This time, I would like to introduce such a delicious, hearty and reasonable ramen shop. That’s Yacchabou in Okinawa City. Although it is a ramen shop, it is a local famous little ramen shop that provides even the bone soup in the shop near Okinawa soba.

Yacchabou is located near Koza Sports Park in Okinawa City. The Okinawa south exit of the expressway is also nearby, so it is convenient to drop in with a little drive. When you enter the ramen shop, there is a food ticket machine on the left side.

a food ticket machine in Yacchabou

This is the menu of Yacchabou. There are also many set menus besides ramen, and I was not sure which one to try. Since I came with my children on this day, I chose three kinds of menus while listening to their hope. It was a recommended stamina ramen set of Yacchabou, an oil goose chicken set meal, and the most popular bone soup.

the menu of Yacchabou 1

the menu of Yacchabou 2

This is the atmosphere inside the Yacchabou shop. There are table seats and parlors, and the atmosphere is very ramen.

the atmosphere inside the Yacchabou shop

By the way, this is the recommended menu of Yacchabou, Stamina Ramen Set. A hearty ramen set full of vegetables and liver. The scent of ramen was also good, and it will add to your appetite.

Stamina Ramen Set

I ate it with my kids, but it’s very delicious and easy to eat. The broth based on chicken and pork has a rich soup taste, but was not persistent and very delicious. Was it the scent of sesame oil? I was eating more and more with the appetizing scent.

the oil goose chicken set meal

And this is the oil goose chicken set meal. This is also a moderately rich seasoning that matches well with rice. Chicken-loving children ate at once.

bone soup

And this is the bone soup of Yacchabou’s specialty. Unless it is wasteful to discard a large amount of pork bones used when making Okinawa soba soup, the bone soup was born. So there is a lot of bone soup in Okinawa soba restaurants, but ramen shop is rare. At first I tried a bite of soup. After all there are only specialties and they are delicious. It had a slightly different flavor than the bone soup found in Okinawa soba shops. Not only pork bone soup but also chicken soup seems to be added, and this was also different from ordinary bone soup. The meat around the bones was also tender and seems to be a popular menu that even the elderly can order. We had delicious this day.

About Yacchabou

Yacchabou is a little-known ramen shop that offers bone soup. Not only ramen but also a set meal and bone soup are a delicious restaurant. It is located just outside the Okinawa south exit of the highway, so it is easy to drop in by car.

  • Address: Zip
    904-0031 Uechi 3-11-3, Okinawa city, Okinawa
  • Open 11:00~15:00, 17:00~20:00
  • Telephone: 098-932-3896
  • Closed: Tuesday
  • Parking: There is a Koza Sports Park parking lot in front of the shop
  • Price: 580 yen ~ 980 yen

Yacchabou is here ↓

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