Stylish Oden bar Waya in a parasol street beside the Makishi public market

If you want to drink and talk with local men and ladies easily! Do not hesitate to drink with tourists! Drinking Oden shop that is perfect for you and easy to enter, this is “Waya”. Since it is an open street-like shop arrangement, you can enjoy standing and drinking easily at a glance if tourists. Why do not you enjoy talking with local men, older lady, migrant, etc. Talking and drinking while you tasted better Oden? Tables made with beer case tickle us, do not you think?

Oden shop Waya is on the Parasol street on the side of the Makishi public market. It is open from around 5 in the evening. In the evening, locals will come. But it is an open and street-like shop, so it is easy for tourists to visit.

When you come to Waya, I recommend you to drink at the counter first. It is easy to talk with local men and women when you drink. I am also excited about drinking and talking with local Ozzy and immigrants at the counter. It is the place where you can stand and chat with people you do not know easily.

Orders can be made on order slips. Place 1,000 yen in the installed square and order beer and oden OK. The clerk will also make a proper change. Oden is also a cheaper price around 100 yen per one, so you can drink cheaply and deliciously.

Round-up order slip and squere to put in fee

A toast with beer and oden today. I am drinking slowly waiting for a man to drink together. It is the place to easily put in by drinking. Let’s drink and have fun while talking stupidly together with the office worker on the way back from the company!

beer and oden

How to go to Waya
Waya is located on “Parasol Street” which is on the sideway from the Makishi public market. In the daytime, the social gatherings where local older men and women are taking breaks will be a socializing place to drink from the evening. The Parasol street is on the side street that entered the left side from the Makishi public market.

Makishi public market

When entering the left hand side it will be this alley.

Passage on the left side of Makishi public market

There is a Parasol street on the right side of this alley. As soon as you know the exact name, there is parasol.

Parasol street

In the evening, as you walk a little on the Parasol street, you can see the Waya shining bright lanterns. When you find Waya, let ‘s order a beer with oden by first issuing a thousand yen bill. It is a standing drink shop who can come in easily and feel free to return. Visitors are also welcome!


  • Address:
    900-0013 3-3 Makishi, Naha city, Okinawa
  • Open 17:00~24:00
  • Telephone: 080-6480-0800
  • Closed: Tuesday
  • Parking lot: None
  • Price: 1,000 yen ~ 2,000 yen

Waya is here ↓

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