Tuna bar WAIWAI in Sakae town, Naha-shi, the fresh tuna cuisine and liquor are good!

Okinawa boasts the catch of one of Japan’s best tuna. “Tuna bar WAIWAI” located in Sakae town Naha-city is a restaurant where you can eat dishes using fresh tuna landing in such a sea near Okinawa. It is a delicious tuna dish bar that used fresh ‘Churaumi Tuna’ caught in Okinawa near the sea. At the end of the year, we had delicious tuna dishes and liquor at the tuna bar.

Tuna bara WAIWAI is located in Sakae town, a bar street in Naha city. It is located about 5 minutes on foot from the monorail Asato station. The sign on the photo above is a landmark. If you do not notice you will pass by. Open the door and go up the narrow stairs and you will find a tuna bar on the second floor. It is inside a narrow store with a counter and a table seat, but it is said that we are always crowded with customers.

Inside photo of Tuna bara WAIWAI

Tuna bar WaiWai menu is this. Recommended menus are written on the walls, so I was lost what to eat.

Tuna bar WaiWai menu 1

Tuna bar WaiWai menu 2

Tuna bar WAIWAI, a drink menu is offered at a low cost with a charge of 500 yen per person at entrance until 8 o’clock in the evening for 90 minutes. If you drink 3 or 4 cups, you can take the original well enough, I recommend you come early.

The drink menu of Tuna bar WAIWAI 1

The drink menu of Tuna bar WAIWAI 2

First I ordered draft beer. After all beer is the best.

Beer and Edamame

I chose the menu while eating Edamame. Speaking of Tuna bar WAIWAI, it is still recommended that “recommend Tuna Nakaochi with bone” and “Kamatoro of tuna grilled”. You can not remove these 2 dish that can enjoy the original taste of tuna in full!

recommend Tuna Nakaochi with bone

This is “recommend Tuna Nakaochi with bone”. Have you seen tuna like this? This red color tells the freshness of tuna. I ate tuna meat around the bones by myself, but the taste of fresh tuna was exceptional again. My mother used to say that “fish is the best meat around bones” before. It is a dish that clearly understands the meaning of the word. Tuna meat is attached to the back as well as the surface as well. Since rice and seaweed are attached, it is also excellent even if you eat hand-rolled sushi and eat it. Although there was a considerable volume, fresh tuna was tasty, I have finished eating alone. “recommend Tuna Nakaochi with bone” is limited in quantity so order as soon as possible.

Kamatoro of tuna grilled

Next is “Kamatoro of tuna grilled”. It is a dish which seasoned fresh tuna Kamatoro part with salt and pepper simply. This was good again! Tuna’s greasy was good, and the original taste of tuna was so delicious, and it fit well with beer. I was able to eat delicious tuna dishes after a long absence. Actually I’d like to eat more dishes, but it was quite a stomach full of these two dishes by myself. But I was quite satisfied. Thank you for the meal.

About Tuna bar WAIWAI
Tuna bar WAIWAI in Sakae town Naha city. It is a pub that is delightful with fresh tuna dishes made with Churaumi Tuna taken in the ocean near the sea and a cheap drink menu. If you would like to enjoy Okinawa’s fresh tuna cuisine and delicious sake, it is recommended. Because there are many other drinking houses in Sakae town, the first one is pleasantly drinking at this tuna bar and it is fun even if you start out for the second one.

  • Address:
    902-0067 Asato 388-10 Nakasone Building 2F, Naha city, Okinawa
  • Open 18:00〜24:00
  • Telephone: 050-5595-3657
  • Closed: Monday
  • Parking lot: None
  • Price: 2,000 yen ~ 3,000 yen

Tuna bar WAIWAI is here ↓

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