A fashionable cafe bar near the Makishi public market you enjoy 3 cup Sake and knob at just 1,000 yen Senbero, recommended for girls

Today, let ‘s introduce a little fancy cafe bar recommended for girls near the Makishi public market. That is verona. Because it is an open cafe, you can drop in at a glimpse if a tourist. Moreover, you also enjoy three cups of sake and knob at just 1,000 yen (Senbero). To my satisfaction, Senbero drink of verona is not only beer and awamori, cocktails and soft drinks are also OK. Even those who are not good at drinking, you can feel free to enjoy Senbero.

Verona is behind the Makishi public market. It is located opposite KAZAMI introduced the other day. First of all, enter verona and tell the clerk “Senbero” OK. Because Senbero is a prepayment system, prepare a thousand yen bill.

Senbero of verona

Well, beer and knob came. It is a good place for Senbero if you can enjoy 3 cups of alcohol and knob only with 1000 yen. I will drink even from lunch. It’s lunchtime on weekdays, but tourists also drink well.

Verona's interior photo 1

The coin to use for sake in Senbero is a little funny. It is a cute coin based on Shisa of Okinawa as a motif.

The coin of Senbero

If I look closely it was the same as the Shisa object of the shop. Items used to replace another cup of Senbero also have individuality for each store.

verona shisa object

Well, this is verona’s menu. In interesting there is a drink comparison set (1,000 yen) of awamori old sake (kuusu) and a drink comparison set of Japanese sake (1,000 yen). Especially the awamori drink comparison set can compare 5-year, 10-year, 15-year awamori and compare. If you are a tourist, please drink and compare. I was also attracted to a moment, but I will keep it for next excitement.

verona menu 1

verona menu 2

How to go to verona
A little trendy cafe bar behind the Makishi public market, verona. It is an open-style cafe bar where women’s groups and tourists can drop in easily. Since you can drink easily from noon, please drop in if you come to the Makishi public market. You can enjoy soft drinks as well as cocktails in Senbel as well as alcohol drinks.

To go to verona, you first come to the Makishi public market. You can see Uotomo by going along the aisle on the right hand side of this signboard.

Makishi public market

If you want to drink easily in the Makishi public market Uotomo recommend, Sashimi and 2 drinks in thousand yen

You can see the passage turning to the left as you go forward.

Road to go to verona from Makishi public market

As you go through the aisle on the left side you will see verona. It’s a yellow cafe bar so you will not miss it.

A fashionable cafe bar near the Makishi public market you enjoy 3 cup Sake and knob at just 1,000 yen Senbero, recommended for girls

  • Address:
    900-0014 2-11-13 Matsuo, Naha city, Okinawa
  • Open 12:00~24:00
  • Telephone: 080-3228-1653
  • Closed: None
  • Parking lot: None
  • Price: 1,000 yen ~ 2,000 yen

verona is here ↓

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