Uruma Citizen’s Restaurant at Uruma Marche offers all-you-can-eat freshly grown vegetables with excellent cost performance.

Vegetables and fish from Uruma City and a wide variety of other foods from Okinawa Prefecture are sold at Uruma Marche, which serves as a base for disseminating information on Okinawan food. The Uruma Citizen’s Restaurant is a restaurant in Uruma Marche that serves all-you-can-eat locally grown vegetables. If you choose a main dish, you can eat all you can eat and drink vegetables, side dishes, and drinks. I went to such a restaurant with my parents and children to have dinner.

Uruma Marche and Uruma Citizen’s Diner are located along Awase Bay Street. They are located on the north side across the street from the Aeon Gushigawa store. Urumarche looks like this. Unfortunately, the weather was not so good as it was during the rainy season.

Uruma Marche

This is what the inside of Uruma Marche looks like. Vegetables, fish, and foodstuffs from Uruma City and Okinawa Prefecture are sold. Quite a variety of products were sold.


Fresh fish caught in the seas around Okinawa were also for sale. Some of the fish were quite large. The Uruma Citizen’s Restaurant also serves dishes using fish sold at the Uruma Marche.

Fresh fish caught in the seas around Okinawa were also for sale

And this is what the inside of Uruma Citizen’s Restaurant looks like. Tables are lined up in a spacious area. There is also counter seating, so it is easy to come in even if you are alone. Since we came to the restaurant around 6:00 p.m. on a weekday evening, there was only one other customer besides us.

this is what the inside of Uruma Citizen's Restaurant looks like

And this is the menu list of Uruma Citizen’s Restaurant. It is easy to understand with pictures. If you choose a main dish, you can have all-you-can-eat or all-you-can-drink salads, small bowls of food and drinks. Except for fish dishes from the waters around Okinawa, everything else is under 1,000 yen, so I think it is quite cost-effective.

the menu list of Uruma Citizen's Restaurant

Today's Recommended Menu

Now, I discussed with my parents which dishes we should try. They wanted to try both fish and meat dishes since they were going to the trouble, so we decided on four dishes: “Okinawa Inshore Fish with Butter,” “Salt Braised Cartilage Soki,” “Waraji Pork Cutlet,” and the “Children’s Lunch Plate!

And once the dishes were decided, we had to try the all-you-can-eat salad bar and side dishes.

Salad Bar at Uruma Citizen's Diner

Small dishes at Uruma Citizen's Diner

Drink bar at Uruma Citizen's Diner

To fill the stomach before the main course arrives, we started with salads and small bowls of food.

All-you-can-eat salads and small dishes at Uruma Shimin Shokudo

This alone would fill us up quite nicely.

Now, let’s start with today’s main dish, “Okinawa Inshore Fish with Butter”. The fish of the day was “shichumachi” (also known as striped blue snapper), priced at 2,300 yen including tax. It is quite a big fish.

Okinawa Inshore Fish with Butter

The sizzling sound and the aroma of garlic butter was very appetizing. The skin of the fish was very crispy, but the white meat was plump and flaky, and the garlic butter flavor made this dish very tasty. Both my parents and my children enjoyed it so much that they kept eating more and more of it. The whole family enjoyed it.

And this is the “Cartilage Soki Salt Braised”.

Cartilage Soki Salt Braised

The soft and tender texture of the cartilage bone soki was full of collagen, and the seasoning was gently salted and simmered. It was seasoned in a mild salt broth, and I think both children and the elderly would enjoy it. The volume of the dish was ample, as there were four large pieces of cartilage soki.

Next was the “Waraji Pork Cutlet”.

Waraji Pork Cutlet

Crispy textured pork cutlet batter, and the umami of pork! Delicious pork cutlet that goes well with rice. And finally, the “children’s lunch plate”.

children's lunch plate

It is a children’s lunch exactly as you see it. There was also curry, which my son, who loves curry, enjoyed. After the meal, ice cream was included as dessert, and he enjoyed it to the very end.

About The Uruma Citizen’s Restaurant
Uruma Marche was established with the purpose of contributing to the local community through “monozukuri”, “hitozukuri”, and “machizukuri”, seriously thinking about the future of Uruma City with local people and their love for their hometown. Urumarche serves as a base for disseminating information on “Okinawan food” and connecting buyers with producers involved in the food industry. We hope that not only Okinawans but also tourists will visit the Uruma Citizen’s Diner, where such Okinawan food can be enjoyed at a very reasonable price.

  • Address: Zip
    904-1115 Maehara 183-3, Uruma city, Okinawa
  • Telephone: 098-923-3992
  • Closed: Wednesday and Thursday
  • Parking: Uruamarche parking lot is available
  • 11:00~21:00
  • Price: 618 yen ~ 2,300 yen

Uruma Citizen’s Diner is here. ↓

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