The coral and fish were amazing in the ocean in front of Urasoe Parco City!

A native Okinawan, born and raised in Okinawa, will introduce you to various beaches in Okinawa while showing you underwater videos.

The beach introduced here is the sea in front of Urasoe Parco City. It is a shallow beach that all tourists who come to Okinawa must have seen at least once.

It was my first time to swim there, and it was a wonderful sea with a large number of table corals, a large number and variety of fish, and the natural sea of Okinawa remaining untouched.

This time I made a video of about 1 minute showing the sea in front of Urasoe Parco City. For those who go shopping at Urasoe Parco City, please take a look at the wonderful sea in front of it.

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