If you want to eat delicious Ikasumi (squid ink) soup, Uomaru in Naha city recommended

Okinawa Island surrounded by the sea. Okinawa is only subtropical climate in Japan and has many kinds of fish different from mainland Japan. And there are also many Okinawan original dishes using fish from Okinawa. Among such unique fish dishes in Okinawa, is not it “Ikasumi soup (Squid ink soup)” famous for being televised on TV? Ikasumi soup that became black in a squid. Ikasumi’s unique umami and richness will not be forgotten once you eat it. And if you want to eat delicious Ikasmi soup set menu, Uomaru in Naha city is recommended. It is the restaurant operated by fishmonger directly, you can eat fresh fish dishes at reasonable prices. This time I will introduce the Ikasumi soup set menu of Uomaru to everyone.

Uomaru is in Takara, Naha City. Since it is located about 5 minutes on foot from monorail Akamine station, I think that tourists can also come to eat casually. The sign of the restaurant is a big fish (dialect name Argachiya). It is a delicious fish that I see swimming near the reef. The inside of the shop is decorated with a lot of fish models, and it is an atmosphere like a fish restaurant indeed.

The inside of the shop is decorated with a lot of fish models

This is the menu of Uomaru. Uomaru set menu seems to be delicious, but this time I ordered Ikasumi soup set meal. Ikasumi soup is pleasure because I eat it after a long time.

the menu of Uomaru 1

the menu of Uomaru 2

the menu of Uomaru 3

the lunch menu of Uomaru

When waiting for a while, Ikasumi soup set meal came. It is a pretty black soup. It looks like a rich Ikasumi soup from the appearance.

Ikasumi soup set meal

First of all I tried drinking squid soup. The rich umami and rich flavor spread throughout my mouth. This is a pretty rich Ikasimi soup. When Ikasumi soup is ordered at other restaurants, it is often disappointing because the taste is thin, but Uomaru is not different. As expected it is a fish shop direct restaurant. It seems that Ikasumi soup of Uomaru was picked up by popular TV program. As expected, that taste has no lies. Ikasumi soup has been eaten as a medicine of life from long ago in Okinawa, such as nourishment tonic, intestinal action, constipation improvement, blood circulation promotion. The Ikasumi soup of Uomaru was a delicious that satisfies the tongue and stomach of Okinawa people.

Ikasumi soup of Uomaru was picked up by popular TV program

On another day, I went to eat a Uomaru set meal. The main dish can be chosen from six dishes from saute of white fish, fish soup, pork cutlet, chicken cutlet, fried shrimp and chicken fried. In addition, you can choose from six different types of don menu: prefecture tuna rice bowl, tuna nakaochi rice bowl, Negitoro bowl, Uomaru bowl, seafood bukkake don, seafood and rice bowl. I ordered saute of fish and Uomaru bowl. This is a Uomaru set meal.

Uomaru set menu

It is quite a set meal with a volume. After all, it is a fish restaurant directly managed by fish store, fish dishes are delicious. Sautéed white fish and Uomaru bowl were delicious, and this was a set meal to satisfy my tongue and stomach.

Uomaru restaurant information
You can enjoy fresh fish dishes at reasonable prices, fish shop directly managed Uomaru. Especially the Ikasumi soup of Uomaru is exquisite. It is a dish that you can taste the rich taste and richness unique to squid ink. There is a direct selling shop next to the restaurant, you can buy fresh fish. Uomaru is recommended for those who like fish dishes.

There is a direct selling shop next to the restaurant

  • Address:
    901-0145 Takara 3-5-1, Naha city, Okinawa
  • Open 11:00-22:00
  • Telephone: 098-987-0889
  • Holiday: none
  • Car parking: There is a parking lot in front of the store
  • Price: 500 yen ~ 1,500 yen

Uomaru is here ↓

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