Fresh sashimi, fish dish and delicious beer you can enjoy at 1,000 yen! Cost performance preeminent Uobou near Makichi Public Market

Senbero Izakaya continues to increase in Naha’s international street and around the Makishi public market. Senbero that you can enjoy 3 cups of alcohol and a good knob with only 1,000 yen is a wonderful system for drinkers, which is gentle to wallets and our stomachs. Since the knobs vary from bar to Izakaya, it is interesting to enjoy the taste of each restaurant. In the meantime, a shop where you can enjoy fresh sashimi, delicious fish dishes and delicious beers with 1,000 yen, Uobou. Because it is directly managed by the fresh fish shop, you can drink a good beer with a fresh sashimi. I will introduce such Uobou.

Uobou is in a street on the international street, a place that entered a side street a little from Ukishima street. Nearby is the holy land of Okinawa’s drinkers, Adachiya and Eekagen and so on. Since the Uobou is originally a fresh fish store, it is too blended into the surrounding atmosphere, it is not so noticeable with such feeling.


With this signboard as a landmark, feel free to start with Senbero for your seat.

Uobou signboard as a landmark

The knob will be fish dishes and raw sashimi at a day. While waiting for a while drinking beer, the knob came. This day was sashimi and boiled fish dish.

fish dishes and raw sashimi and beer

Of course, it is fresh fish store direct management so naturally sashimi is fresh and delicious. Boiled fish with a firm seasoning is good for beer. The Uobou that you can eat sashimi and fish dishes in 3 drinks only with just 1,000 yen. Recently, Senbero Izakaya around the Makishi public market is getting bigger and we are happy. I was able to enjoy a good beer from lunch slowly thinking which bar to go to next.

Uobou shop information
At Uobou we can enjoy fresh sashimi, fish dishes and delicious beer with only 1,000 yen. There is no Senbelo Izakaya where we can eat sashimi surprisingly, there is Adachiya at the end of the path just in front of the Uobou, so you do not have to worry about the next bar.

there is Adachiya at the end of the path just in front of the Uobou

There are many Izakaya recommended as well beyond this road. Please try to meet your favorite bar.

There are many Izakaya recommended as well beyond this road

The Uobou is here ↓

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