Chicken cutlet fried rice is delicious with a good volume! Untama Shokudou in Nishihara town

If we talk about a popular restaurant in Okinawa, we can say that it’s hearty, delicious, and reasonably priced. Untama Shokudou in Nishihara town is the king of Okinawan popular restaurants. It is also a popular local eatery that is filled with working fathers at lunchtime for their hearty set meals. I went to eat at such Untama restaurant during lunch.

Untama Shokudou is located in Ikeda, Nishihara-cho. It’s located in a location that can only be reached by car, so be sure to check the location on the Google Map at the bottom of this page in advance. The restaurant is spacious and has both tatami and table seating, making it a popular Okinawan restaurant.

Photo of the Untama restaurant 1

Photo of the Untama restaurant 2

And this is the menu at Untama Shokudou. There are a lot of different types of set meals. I can’t decide which one to eat.

the menu at Untama Shokudou 1

the menu at Untama Shokudou 2

If you’re not sure which one to try, you can’t go wrong with the restaurant’s No.1 most popular menu item. “Chicken Cutlet Fried Rice” is the most popular menu item at Untama Restaurant. It was introduced on a local TV program in Okinawa, and it is the most popular menu of Untama Restaurant.

Chicken Cutlet Fried Rice

This is the chicken cutlet fried rice of Untama Shokudou. It comes with a large chicken cutlet and a delicious-looking fried rice set. First, I took a bite of the fried rice. The rice was flaky and savory, but not overly seasoned, making it easy to eat. You can also feel the slight sweetness of the rice. Chicken cutlet was the perfect accompaniment to such easy to eat fried rice. The chicken cutlet, which was dipped overnight in a garlicky sauce, was very juicy and went well with fried rice. The batter on the chicken cutlet was also crispy and very tasty, and I could see why it is the most popular.

The other day I had a craving for another set meal, so I went back to the Untama Shokudou. On this day, I ordered the second most popular soba set meal. As you can see in this picture, you can choose from the menu of the day for the side dishes in the Soba set meal.

the side dishes in the Soba set meal

On the day, I chose fried oysters and fried horse mackerel. And this is the Soba set meal.

Soba set meal

The Okinawa soba noodles have a strong broth and straight, thin noodles, making it very easy to eat. The fried oysters and the fried horse mackerel were both crispy and tasty, making this a highly satisfying set meal. You can choose your own side dish, so you can eat it every day without getting tired of it. It was delicious until the end.

About Untama shokudou

Untama Shokudo is a popular diner in Okinawa that is full of volume, delicious and reasonable. It is a popular local diner that is crowded with working fathers at lunchtime. The restaurant is spacious and family friendly. Be sure to go out for a holiday lunch!

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