The squid ink soup made with whole squid directly from the fishing port is rich and exquisite! Uminchu Shokudo in Yomitan Village

I heard a rumor that the squid ink soup made from whole squid directly shipped from the fishing port at “Uminchu Shokudo” on the second floor of the Yomitan Village Fishing Port Store in Yomitan Village is rich and exquisite, so I went there and tried it. And it was as good as the rumors said it would be, so I would like to introduce it to you.

The first floor of the Yomitan Fishing Port Direct Selling Center is a direct-sale shop for sashimi and fish dishes.

The first floor of the Yomitan Fishing Port Direct Selling Center is a direct-sale shop for sashimi and fish dishes

Walking up a rather long flight of stairs to the second floor, you will find Uminchu Shokudo. The restaurant is clean and has terrace seating.

Photo of the interior of Uminchu Shokudo

Terrace seating at Uminchu Shokudo

The terrace seats overlook the ocean, but unfortunately it was raining lightly that day.

Menu of Uminchu Shokudo

It was after 2:00 p.m. on a holiday lunch day, so many items on the menu were sold out. It is still a popular diner, so it is better to get there early on holidays. There is a ticket machine next to the menu.

ticket machine next to the menu

However, to my delight, the most popular menu item, The squid ink soup was still available. Since I went with my children that day, we consulted with them and chose The squid ink soup set meal, seafood yukke-don and tuna katsu-don.

The squid ink soup set meal

This is the squid ink soup set meal (1,100 yen) at Uminchu Shokudo. It is jet black in color, which conveys its richness just by looking at it. First, I took a sip of the soup. The rich umami of squid can be felt in just one sip! This is truly a rich and delicious squid ink soup! It is so rich that it is hard to believe that it is seasoned with squid soup stock and a little miso.

And when I tried the squid meat, it was surprisingly tender. Most squid meat in squid ink soup is hard, but the squid meat in squid ink soup at Uminchu Shokudo is surprisingly soft. The squid ink soup was made by simmering squid for a long time and concentrated the umami of squid.

The squid ink soup was so thick that my chopsticks quickly turned black. It is very dangerous to eat it with a white shirt.

the Kaisen Yukke-don

This is the Kaisen Yukke-don (900 yen). It is a satisfying bowl of rice topped with spicy slices of sashimi. Recommended for those who like spicy food.

The tuna cutlet bowl

The tuna cutlet bowl (820 yen) looks like a pork cutlet bowl. It was topped with a delicious tuna cutlet, which my child gobbled up. Thank you very much.

About Uminchu Shokudo

Uminchu Shokudo serves delicious fish dishes directly from Yomitan Fishing Port. The squid ink soup is especially rich, made with whole squid and only squid. The other fish dishes are also delicious and recommended for fish lovers. I heard that there is a tour where you can swim with whale sharks in the same fishing port, so I might try that next time.

The Uminchu Shokudo is here ↓

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