Umichika Shokudou, a popular restaurant with a wide variety of Okinawan soba and set meal menus.

Near the convention center in Ginowan City, in an area close to the ocean, there is a popular diner with a wide variety of Okinawan soba and set meal menus. It is Umichika Shokudou. Umichika Shokudou offers a wide variety of Okinawan soba, champuru, and set meal menus. The Okinawa soba was also reputed to be delicious, so when I came near the convention center, I decided to stop by for a bite.

Umichika Shokudo is located straight ahead from the entrance of the convention center. It is located one step to the side of Route 58 in front of the convention center.

The inside of the restaurant looks like this, with Okinawan folk songs playing in the background music, giving it the atmosphere of an Okinawan restaurant. The signatures of various famous people are displayed on the wall, giving the restaurant the atmosphere of a long-time local favorite.

Inside photo of Umichika Shokudou

Now, here is the menu of Umichika Shokudo. It’s easy to understand because it has pictures. As its reputation suggests, they have a wide variety of Okinawan soba and set meal menus. If you come with your family, you can enjoy a variety of menus.

the menu of Umichika Shokudo 1

the menu of Umichika Shokudo 3

the menu of Umichika Shokudo 2

This was my first visit to Umichika Shokudo, so I wanted to try the standard Okinawa soba first. Since I wanted to try the juicy one, I ordered the Okinawa soba set (large). I can’t wait to see how the Okinawa soba will taste!

the Okinawa soba set (large)

This is Umichika Shokudo’s Okinawa soba set (large). It’s a special set that comes with juicy and kubuiri-chee. First, I took a sip of the soup. The rich umami taste and the refreshing and elegant taste spread to my mouth. The soup had a lot of umami, but it was not too thick and oily, and had an elegant taste. The soup is made from pork bones, chicken, vegetables, and bonito, and has a very elegant finish. The soup was well matched with the straight thin noodles with a strong waist. The juicy also had a classic nostalgic flavor, and it was quite a delicious Okinawa soba set.

On another day, I happened to pass by the restaurant, so I went back to Umichika Shokudo. There are so many different kinds of Okinawan soba and set menus that it’s hard to decide which one to choose, but I ordered the A-lunch, which is a standard lunch in Okinawa, and as an A-lunch lover, I can’t miss this menu.


This is the A-lunch of Umichika Shokudo. Fried shrimp, pork cutlet, fried white fish, etc. This is a hearty A-lunch. It’s hard to tell from the picture, but it’s quite hearty. The batter on the pork cutlet and fried shrimp was crispy and very tasty. I was quite hungry that day, but when I finished eating, I was quite full. Thank you for the meal.

About Umichika Shokudo

Umichika Shokudo is an Okinawan restaurant near the ocean near the Ginowan City Convention Center. It is a diner that offers a variety of set meals including Okinawa soba at reasonable prices. With a wide variety of menu items, it’s a great place to visit with your family.

  • Address: Zip
    Mashiki 2-27-1, Ginowan city

    , 901-2224 Okinawa

  • Open 11:00~21:40
  • Telephone: 050-5484-4593
  • Closed: No regular holidays
  • Parking: There is a private parking lot next to the store.
  • Price: 500 yen ~ 1,210 yen

The Umichika Shokudo is here ↓

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