The Umi no megumi where you can eat delicious fish dishes at reasonable prices

Okinawa is surrounded by the sea on all sides. That’s why there are many delicious fish restaurants in Okinawa. The Umi no megumi is such a delicious fish dish that you can eat at a reasonable price that is easy on your wallet. The Umi no Megumi is a seafood restaurant close to Naha Fishing Port, which focuses on fish caught in the waters near Okinawa. So it seems that they can provide fresh and delicious fish dishes. This time, I will introduce such Umi no Megumi.

Umi no Megumi is located in Naha Port Town. As the name suggests, there is a fishing port right next to the restaurat. The exterior of the store is shown in the photo above, but the interior is simple and looks like this. A large fish pit is displayed. The restaurant owner also runs fishing boats and seems to be catching a variety of fish near Okinawa.

the interior photo of Umi no Megumi 1

the interior photo of Umi no Megumi 2

This is the menu of Umi no Megumi. The seafood bowl using fresh sashimi looks delicious. I was wondering which one to eat.

the menu of Umi no Megumi 1

the menu of Umi no Megumi 2

the drink menu of Umi no Megumi

I wanted to eat seafood bowl, but Umi no Megumi is famous for its delicious fish soup. So I ordered “Umi no Megumi Set meal” first.

Umi no Megumi Set meal

“Umi no Megumi set meal” is a set of fish soup containing a lot of Yushi tofu, fried fish that can be eaten up to the bones, Inari sushi and mozuku. First, I drank a bite of fish soup. It was a delicious soup that was full of rich umami of fish so that you can see it at the moment you put it in your mouth. I thinked that they have a lot of fish to cokkc soup. It was really rich fish juice. A delicious soup perfect for fish lovers. And the gentle mouthfeel of Yushi tofu was a perfect match. And deep-fried fish that could be eaten to the bones. It was deep-fried from the head to the tip of the tail and was fragrant and crisp. Inari sushi also went well with fish soup, and 800 yen was a very satisfying set meal.

I wanted to eat squid ink soup on another day, so I went to Umi no Megumi again.

squid ink soup set meal

This is the squid ink set meal of Umi no Megumi. The soup was really black like this. After drinking a bite of soup, the rich umami and gentle taste of squid ink spread to my mouth. After all this squid ink juice was also good. While the area around my lips was a little black, it was delicious until the end. I was very happy to find a delicious and low-priced fish restaurant.

About Umi no Megumi

Umi no Megumi is located near Naha Fishing Port and offers delicious dishes made with fresh fish from the seas around Okinawa. The fish soup here was really rich and delicious. The next time I go, I will try seafood bowl.

  • Address: Zip
    900-0001 Minato-machi 2-3-8, Naha city, Okinawa
  • Open 11:30~19:00
  • Telephone: 070-1063-0464
  • Closed: Tuesday
  • Parking: None, parking on the street in front of the store
  • Price: 350 yen ~ 1,200 yen

Umi no Megumi is here ↓

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