Umasandou, a tasty and hearty popular diner for less than 650 yen all menu in Okinawa

There are many cheap, tasty, and hearty popular restaurants in Okinawa. Among them, there is a popular diner where all menu items are delicious and hearty for less than 650 yen. That is Umasandou in Uruma City. I went to Umasandou, which was introduced on local Okinawan TV, with my children.

It is located in Esu, Uruma City. It is located in Esu, Uruma City, one step away from the main regional road, Okinawa Loop Road. The location is a little confusing, so I recommend you to check the Google Map at the bottom of this page before you go. This is what it looks like inside Umasandou. It is a small and cozy atmosphere, like a popular diner in the countryside.

inside Umasandou

The menu of Umasandou is posted on the wall. And you can see at a glance. All menu items are under 650 yen. No matter which menu you choose, the maximum price is 650 yen. It’s a wallet-friendly diner.

The menu of Umasandou is posted on the wall

Since I came with my children, we discussed which menu we wanted to choose. After discussing it, we chose three kinds of menu items: Chicken katsu set meal, Okinawa soba set, and Tonkatsu curry. The chicken katsu set meal was introduced on a local Okinawan TV show. I was looking forward to seeing how it tastes.

Chicken katsu set meal

This is Umasandou’s Chicken katsu set meal, a chicken katsu set meal, which is an overwhelmingly large portion for 650 yen. Although it’s called a chicken katsu set meal, there are hamburgers, egg rolls, and potato fries in addition to the chicken katsu set meal. First, I took a bite of the chicken katsu. The crispy batter and tender, juicy chicken flavor spread in my mouth. The chicken, seasoned with a special garlic sauce overnight, is fragrant, tender and juicy. This was a pretty good ministry. I was very satisfied with the taste of this dish.

Okinawa soba set meal

Next is the Okinawa soba set. This one also comes with a hearty chicken cutlet. The crispy chicken cutlet with a hint of garlic was really good. The Okinawa Soba with its light, crispy soup. The flat and twisted noodles have a nice texture and match the soup. This was also a hearty and tasty dish.

Tonkatsu curry

And every child loves Tonkatsu curry. Tonkatsu, like chicken katsu, was big, crispy, and delicious. The curry went well with the Tonkatsu. The curry was not too spicy and easy to eat, so even kids can gobble it up. It’s also very good for the volume. It was a satisfying dish. It was delicious and full to the end.

About Umasandou

Umasandou is a popular diner for the locals, which was introduced on local TV in Okinawa. We went there in the afternoon on a holiday, and it is so popular that there was a line inside the restaurant on that day. The cheap, tasty and hearty diner is very satisfying. I can understand why it is so popular. If you’re going on a holiday, it’s best to go early.

  • Address: Zip
    904-2244 Esu 671-5, Uruma city, Okinawa, Japan
  • Open 11:00~15:30, 18:00~20:30
  • Telephone: 098-974-5091
  • Closed: Manday
  • Parking: There is a parking space next to the store
  • Price: 400 yen ~ 650 yen

Umasandou is here ↓

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