Umanchu market in Itoman city has both mangoes perfect for souvenirs and fresh seafood

Mango, pineapple, passion fruit etc, Okinawa unique fresh fruit can be bought a lot cheaply. It is in Itoman City Road Station Fermars Market Umanchu-ichiba. In the Umanchu-ichiba market, fresh vegetables and fruits taken from local Itoman City are sold cheaply and are perfect for souvenirs. Furthermore, at the fish center behind the market, you can eat fresh sashimi and seafood as they are. Umanchu-ichiba market of Itoman Road station where you can enjoy vegetables, fruits and fresh seafood in Okinawa. If you are suffering from souvenirs, please come and visit the market well.

The Itoman City Road Station Umanchu-ichiba Market is located along Route 331. It can be reached by car from Naha Airport in about 20 minutes, and access is also convenient. The inside of the store is quite wide, local fresh vegetables and fruits are lined with narrowing.

Iside photo of Umanchu-ichiba Market

There are lots of unique vegetables that are only found in Okinawa, such as large gourds and Handama (Purple leaf). For tourists, I think that just having a look is fun. Because there are many unusual vegetables.

unique vegetables that are only found in Okinawa 1

unique vegetables that are only found in Okinawa 2

If you are in Okinawa as much as you want, you would like to make a unique souvenir of Okinawa fruits after all. Of course, There are many fresh fruits that are perfect for souvenirs such as mangoes, pineapple, passion fruits etc.

mangoes in Umanchu-ichiba market

pineapples in Umanchu-ichiba market

passion fruits in Umanchu-ichiba market

The fruit I want to recommend personally here is this mini mango! It is small as a mango, but the sweetness unique to mango is condensed and it is very tasty. The price is also cheaper than ordinary mangoes, so it is profitable. It seems that the appearance as a souvenir is not so good as it is small, but it is cheaper than ordinary mangoes so you can buy a lot. And, I think that few people know Mini Mango, so I think it will be a good topic.

mini mango in Umanchu-ichiba market 1

Since bags are also sold, I think that you can eat at the hotel as it is!

mini mango in Umanchu-ichiba market 2

There is no need to bring it to the airport as it can be delivered. It is okay to buy a lot.

It deliver

There is also a fish center where you can eat fresh seafood in Itaman town

Fish center

Itsumi city, the town of the fisher man. It is a fish center behind the Umanchu-ichiba market that you can eat the fresh seafood. Many fresh fish are sold. Tropical Okinawa unique fish, it is fun even just watching.

Inside photo Fish center

Fresh fishes in Fish center

Of course, you can also eat directly on the spot as well as watching. Just take your favorite sashimi, pay for money and eat! It is fun to eat immediately.

It is Fisher man town Itoman city. Fresh sashimi, baked shellfish, Kamaboko and so on are very delicious. When my children comes here, they often eat sashimi of the Okinawa octopus. It is a freshly picked octopus, so it will be very tasty. Even a child seems to understand the difference in taste.


Grilled shrimp and shellfish

Local production center selling goods and souvenirs of local Itoman City, Yukura

Local production center Yukura

Farmer’s Market It is not just fresh vegetables, fruits and seafood in the market. There is also a property center that sells local products of Itoman City and souvenirs of Okinawa. Here you can choose a variety of souvenirs. It is quite useful.

A souvenir of Itoman-shi Property Center

It has a lot of local goods unique to Itoman City. There are also many unusual products that you can not find easily in other souvenir shops.

Products sold at Itoman City Bussan Center

Both fresh vegetables, fruits and seafood can be bought and eaten a lot. Itoman City’s Farmer’s Market Umanchu-ichiba Market. It has a lot of fruits and goods for perfect souvenirs. Okinawa’s unique vegetables, fruits and goods are perfect for souvenirs. Please add the farmers’ market to your schedule of your trip certainly.

Farmers Market Umanchu-ichiba Market Click here ↓

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