Good Soki soba and curry delicious shop, Uehara soba store

Soki soba that adults and children love so much. Age and young man, regardless of age, everyone is a favorite Soki soba. Still when you go to a Okinawa soba shop with a young child, sometimes the child says “I want to eat curry”. If you have a small child, you will be in trouble at such time. But this Uehara soba shop, do not worry about that. Soki soba with elegant bonito taste, curry which contains flavor of elegant soup, such as you can enjoy both.

The Uehara soba store is located along Route 329 of Haebaru town. Because it is located 5 minutes by car from Haebaru Minami interchange, I think that we can stop by without hesitation. The inside of the shop is a simple store with counter and table seats. Because it is a calm atmosphere, I think that it is easy for even a woman to enter.

Inside photo of Uehara soba shop 1

Inside photo of Uehara soba shop 2

The menu of Uehara soba store is this. It is easy to understand because it is a menu with a photo. Soki soba, Sanmainiku soba, Yushi tofu soba, etc. are surprisingly rich in variety. This time I ordered cartilage Soki soba and keema curry set. After all I would like to try both Soki soba and curry taste.

The menu of Uehara soba store

Well, cartilage Soki soba and Keema curry set came. It is more voluminous than I expected. In this way, it was the first time to set a Soki soba and curry.

cartilage Soki soba and Keema curry set

First I checked from the taste of cartilage Soki soba. The appearance was transparent soup, and the smell of elegant skipjack soup was drifting. Even though I drunk a soup, I felt the taste of elegant bonito juice firmly. It was refreshing and tasty, but a firm bonito spreaded in my mouth. We can choose noodles from raw noodles and boiled noodles. I choiced raw noodles this time. The raw thin noodle with slender sticky crispy starchy matches well with the refined soup. Cartilage Soki was a solid seasoning and finished in delicious Soki soba that was well-balanced overall.

The Kaema curry is a mellow taste melting in the elegant soba noodles’ umami. I think that it is possible to eat deliciously even with a small child because there is little bitterness. The texture of Soki was added to the chicken, and it was a nostalgic taste somewhere. It was full of cartilage Soki soba and Keema curry set, but it was delicious until the end.

Uehara soba shop information
The elegant and tasty Soki soba and curry can be eaten, Uehara soba store. Soki soba with elegance and firmness, soaked buckwheat noodles with soup stock, and keema curry full of umami. There are lots of delicious menus such as tempura “Kuroten” using squid ink. I am happy to be casually introduced even with a small child or even a woman. Next time I will ask “Kuroten”.

Uehara soba shop is here ↓

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