Roots of Okinawa soba “Toujin soba” is delicious! Uchina-ya in Yaese town

Do you know that there was a soba that became the roots of Okinawa soba? “Toujin soba” called the origin of Okinawa soba was sold in 1902 and developed. It is said that it is now near Okinawa soul food of Okinawa local people. The roots of Okinawa soba, reproduced for the first time in 110 years, “Toujin soba”. If you like Okinawa soba, you should definitely eat Toujin soba. There is a restaurant where we can eat such Toujin soba in Yaese town Uchina-ya. I went to the Uchina-ya soon.

Uchina-ya Yaese store is located along National Road No.507. I think that going to eat while driving around relaxedly in the idyllic country road of Okinawa. The inside of the restaurant is lined with tables, and it looks like a soba restaurant Okinawa.

The inside of the Uchina-ya 1

The inside of the Uchina-ya 2

And this is the menu of Uchina-ya. Because it is a restaurant of Okinawa soba and home cooking, Okinawa soba and set menu are the center.

the menu of Uchina-ya 1

the menu of Uchina-ya 2

As I thought, I would like to eat the roots of Okinawa soba “Toujin soba”. I ordered the Toujin soba immediately.

Toujin soba

This is Toujin soba. First of all it is different from ordinary Okinawa soba. Black soup! Because ordinary Okinawa soba is based on pig bone soup and bonito, there are many white soup, but this is black. The impression of appearance was surprising, but first I had soup. And it was surprising to drink it! This was a mellow soup. It was a very delicious soup. Although it was a soy sauce taste soup, there was no pungent taste of soy sauce, and refreshing elegant umami spreads in my mouth. It was very elegant Okinawa soba that does not get tired even if I eat it everyday. And in such an elegant soup there were thick noodles with eating responses. It was a thick noodle, but with a smooth texture, it was outstandingly compatible with elegant soup. I was amazed at the unexpected appearance and deliciousness of the traditional Okinawa soba.

On another day, I wanted to eat Okinawa soba now, and I also visited Uchina-ya. I was a bit hungry on this day, so I ordered Okinawa soba set meal. I was looking forward to see how the taste is different from the Toujin soba.

cartilage Okinawa soba set

This is cartilage Okinawa soba set. Noodles can be selected from three types of fine noodles, thick noodles, mugwort noodles, so this time I ordered with mugwort noodles. The color of the soup was totally different from the traditional Toujin soba and there was a sense of transparency. And when I drank a soup, this was also a delicious Okinawa soba. Pork bones and skipjack tuna work well, elegant and refreshing umami spread to my mouth. The subtle flavor of mugwort noodles also matched well with elegant soup. Toujin soba and the present Okinawa soba were delicious, I was pretty satisfied.

Uchina-ya restaurant information
It is said that in 1902 (Meiji 35) the roots of Okinawa was bought as “Sina Soba” back then. It was the person in the country of the Qing Dynasty who was entrusted with cooking at the shop, it seems that it was popular so-called “Toujin soba”. “Okinawa soba development succession association” reproduced Toujin soba based on the literature at that time. It seems that Toujin soba can be eaten at the Uchina-ya in the 12 stores in Okinawa Prefecture, if you like Okinawa soba please try it once.

  • Address:
    901-0401 Kochinda 822-2, Yaese town, Okinawa
  • Open 11:00〜16:00
  • Telephone : 098-998-9281
  • Closed : Monday
  • Parking lot : Yesる
  • Price : 650 yen ~ 950 yen

Uchina-ya Yaese store is here ↓

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