Speaking of delicious Izakaya in Itoman-shi, U-twui you can enjoy relaxing alcohol with children

If you come to a trip to Okinawa, you want to enjoy delicious Awamori and Okinawa foods slowly with children. But children get bored as soon as they eat and will try to leave the restaurant. So, you can not enjoy drinking or eating slowly with children, do not you? The Izakaya Japanese pub recommended for such a troubled father and mother in Itomin-shi Ichimanya U-twui. Since there is kids room in the U-twui, even small children play without permission and do not get in the way of drinking and meals. Your children also start having fun with other family kids, so you can have fun with your kids.

Ichimanya U-twui is in front of Nishizaki Park in Itoman City. You can have your children play in the park before meals. Recently foreign tourists frequently visit and have children play. Inside of Ichimanya is like this. I took a picture with my smartphone so it looks a little dark but it’s not that dark.

Pictures of U-twui shop

Such an object welcomes you at the entrance of the shop.

an object welcomes you at the entrance of the shop

The menu table of Ichimanya U-twui is like this. There are many seafood dishes, such as sushi and sashimi, Okinawa cuisine.

The menu table of Ichimanya U-twui 1

The menu table of Ichimanya U-twui 2

But first of all, you have your children fill thier stomach, adults can not enjoy alcohol at leisure. So I ordered dish like my children love fried chicken and yakisoba. When cooking arrives, it is also cute to start eating quickly. There are plenty of Kid favorite that is also a good point for U-twui.

There are abundant foods which kids as favorite in U-twui

Well, as soon as my children start eating, I can find a good beer. I was happy as a parent to enjoy drinking with my children.

Beer and knob

Well, children do not have time to eat rice quickly, but Ichimanya U-twui has a kids room. In the kids room, Disney’s animation can be enjoyed on TV, so little kids will try to calm down and play. Since other children of the family will be playing calm together, we can relax and enjoy alcohol and drink slowly as parents. This is pretty nice.

About Ichimanya U-twui
Actually, in Okinawa, family has a habit of having dinner at a pub. Therefore, even if it is a pub, quite a small child normally eats dinner. People outside Okinawa may be surprised. In the izakaya rooted in the locality, there are shops complete with kids room etc. so that guests with children can enjoy sake and meals slowly with peace of mind. You are happy with the people who are traveling to Okinawa with family. From now on, I will introduce a tavern that can enjoy delicious sake and meals with peace of mind with a small child.

  • Address:
    901-0306 3-160 Nishizaki, Itoman city, Okinawa
  • Open: 18:00~01:00
  • Telephone: 098-994-0090
  • Closed: Thursday
  • Car parking: in front of the shop
  • Price: About 3,000 yen

Ichimanya U-twui is here ↓

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