Tulip in Kin town a restaurant that serves delicious Kama-meshi which is a bit rare in Okinawa

Kama-meshi is a dish that we don’t often see in Okinawan restaurants and cafeterias. In Okinawa, there is a unique rice dish called “Juisy”, so you don’t see many menus like Kama-meshi. However, I heard that there is a restaurant in Kin town that serves such a rare and delicious kama-meshi, so I went there once to try it. The name of the restaurant is Tulip. I don’t know the origin of the restaurant’s name, but I had a bowl of Kama-meshi anyway.

Tulip is a restaurant located along Route 329, the central street of Kin Town. The exterior is pretty battered, like a diner in the countryside of Okinawa (laughs). It’s quite a tasty old place.

The interior of the store is as old as the exterior, giving the impression that you have come to visit a relative’s house. The owner runs the store by himself, which makes it feel even more like that.

The interior of the tulip 1

The interior of the tulip 2

This is the menu for Tulip. The menu list is full of handmade touches, but it’s easy to understand since it has pictures. After all, there are many set menus with kama-meshi at this restaurant.

the menu for Tulip 1

the menu for Tulip 3

the menu for Tulip 2

Since it was my first time here, I first ordered the most popular menu item at the restaurant, the “Miso soup and Kama-meshi set meal”. It was my first time to eat kama-meshi in Okinawa, so I was looking forward to seeing what it would taste like.

Miso soup and Kama-meshi set meal

The set menu includes miso soup with lots of ingredients such as half-boiled egg, pork and vegetables, and kama-meshi with Kansai-style soup stock. I took a bite of the kama-meshi first. The katsuo and kombu broth worked well, giving it a gentle flavor, and the kama-meshi, filled with ingredients such as green beans and nameko mushrooms, was delicious! It was a delicious kama-meshi full of flavor, with a taste that was easier to eat than you might expect. The Kansai-style seasoning of the kama-meshi matched well with the Okinawan-style miso soup, making it a hearty set meal. The kama-meshi was enough for three bowls, and I was quite full from the miso soup and kama-meshi alone.

The Kama-meshi was even better than I expected, so I wanted to let my kid try it, too, so I came back another day to eat with them. We ordered two dishes that day, the Tonkatsu and Kama-meshi Set Meal and the Chiiri-Cha.

Tonkatsu and Kama-meshi Set Meal

This is the Tonkatsu and Kama-meshi set meal. The Kama-meshi was as delicious as ever. The soup stock of bonito and kelp matched well with the many ingredients, making it easy to eat without getting bored. My child also enjoyed eating it, saying it was delicious. The pork cutlet was also very tasty, with a crispy batter.


And this is “Chiiri-Cha”, stir-fried pig’s blood and meat together. It’s not something you see in most Okinawan restaurants, so I ordered it. It did’t have much of an odor, and the garlic topping was very appetizing. It went well with rice, and my child enjoyed it a lot. It was very tasty.

About Tulip

Since its opening in 1995, the combination of Kansai-style kama-meshi with Okinawan miso soup has been a popular menu item. At lunch time, many regular customers come to the restaurant for the kama-meshi. The owner runs the restaurant by himself, so the food comes out a little slow, but the taste is perfect. I would like to go there again with my children.

  • Address: Zip
    904-2244 Kin 324-1, Kin town, Okinawa
  • Open 11:00~20:00
  • Telephone: 098-968-6091
  • Closed: Monday
  • Parking: There is a parking space behind the store.
  • Price: 500 yen ~ 1,200 yen

The Tulip is here ↓

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