If you want to eat delicious Tsukemen in Chatan town, TSUKEMEN-GT recommends

The area popular for tourists, Chatan town. The Mihama American Village has many fun shops and stylish cafes. Lunch at a fashionable cafe is also nice, but if you will want to eat ramen or Tsukemen that you’ve been toothed. At that time the shop of my recommendation is TSUKEMEN-GT. Personally I think that it is the best Tsukemen shop in Chatan. Homemade noodles with thick Tsukemen soup and eating response. If you come to Chatan and go to eat noodles, you should first go to TSUKEMEN-GT.

TSUKEMEN-GT is located about 10 minutes by car from the Mihama American Village. It is on the national road which entered the east from Route 58 Route. Because parking lot is wide, I think that it is easy for tourists of rental car to come. The interior is like this. Since the US military bases are nearby, we often see Americans.

The interior of TSUKEMEN-GT

TSUKEMEN-GT’s menu is this. American people also come to the restaurant, so it is a menu with English. Tsukemen became international as well.

TSUKEMEN-GT Tsukemen menu

TSUKEMEN-GT ramen menu

TSUKEMEN-GT side menu

Ramen and Mazemen look delicious, too, but if you come to TSUKEMEN-GT you still have to eat Tsukemen noodles. So I ordered a Tsukemen. While I was hungry, the time to wait for a rich Tsukemen was fun and seems a bit painful. But waiting for a while, Tsukemen noodle came.


First I did taste the noodles themselves. Homemade hand-made middle-thick noodles using whole grain flour from Okinawa Prefecture. The smell of whole grains was strong, and also has strong response to eating. Tsukemen soup not losing such homemade noodles. It looks like Tonkotsu fish soup, but the flavor of pig bone was quite strong. It was a rich Tsukemen soup, and it had not lost to homemade noodles with strong eating response at all. This was a rich delicious Tsukemen! There was a response to eating.

TSUKEMEN-GT has many kinds of desktop seasonings, so you can adjust it to your taste. I think that it is also interesting to pursue the original taste. I put plenty of garlic. My appetite increased further.

desktop seasonings

TSUKEMEN-GT shop information
TSUKEMEN-GT is making homemade noodles hand-made every morning using whole grains from Okinawa Prefecture. There is no mistake that you can be satisfied, rich Tsukemen, which has a toughness and does not lose to the middle thick noodles that respond to eating. There are many Americans, and I felt that the taste of Tsukemen is also transmitted to overseas people. Mazemen and ramen seem to be delicious, but I have not eaten it but only Tsukemen. When I go next time I’d like to challenge Mazemen.

TSUKEMEN-GT is here ↓

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