A cheap and great popular cafeteria in Tsuboya, Tsuboya-no-shokudou

One of the tourist attractions of Naha city, Tsuboya Yachimun Street. This place famous for Yachimun (Okinawa’s unique pottery) is a popular tourist destination where the good old atmosphere of Naha remains. If you like pottery, it is fun to explore your favorite cup and plate while walking around. There is a popular cafeteria of good old and cheap, tasty and great volume in the Tsuboya of such a good old downtown as well. It is introduced this time “Tsuboya no Sobaya”. It is exactly the name of the dining room, but there are lots of cheap and delicious set meals besides Okinawa soba. This time I will introduce such a Tsuboya no Sobaya.

The Tsuboya no Sobaya is on the street on the right hand side from Tsuboya Yachimun Street. You can see it by walking straight through the street behind the big Siisa that symbolizes the Tsuboya.

the big Siisa that symbolizes the Tsuboya

Menu is posted on the wall outside the store with pictures, so you can decide which dish to eat before entering the shop. Every dish is cheap and there seems to be a volume. Because I was hungry this time, I decided to “Morimori set meal” which seems to have the most volume.

Menu is posted on the wall outside the store with pictures

When entering the store there is a ticket machine at the entrance. I bought a ticket and hand it to a clerk and wait for a while.

a ticket machine at the entrance

It is a feeling that the interior is a small public eatery. There are also many dishes on the wall inside the store with photos attached. While watching which dish looks delicious, I waited for Morimori set meal.

the interior is a small public eatery

Well, waiting for a while, Morimori set meal was brought. It was a set meal set with plenty of pork cutlet and Fried lever leek.

Morimori set meal

The pork cutlet was freshly crushed, it was cut into a bite size and it was very easy to eat. Sautéed levanilla is also a shabby texture of vegetables, it matches well with rice. As expected it is a mass eatery. It is a gentle taste like a cook’s good mother made. Moreover, the volume full mark. I became quite full of stomachs.

Tsuboya no Sobaya shop information
A cheap, tasty and popular cafeteria near Tsuboya Yachimun street sightseeing spots in Naha city, Tsuboya no Sobaya. Home dishes of Okinawa’s old lady are cheap and delicious, and you can eat it on a large souvenir. Even tourists walking around Tsuboya, even local residents of Naha, if you get hungry around the Tsuboya, I recommend Tsuboya no Sobaya. You can enjoy the taste of Okinawa’s home cooking full of your stomach

Tsuboya no Sobaya is here ↓

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