Toryumon in Naha city is delicious in rich Dandan noodles

Sometimes you will want to eat punchy and exciting ramen. At that time, there is a recommended ramen shop in Naha City. Strong scent of yam, rich sesame and miso flavor, and strong umami taste that makes your mouth numb. It is a restaurant where the rich Dandan noodles are delicious. I knew the name of this store before, but it was hard to come to the store. One day I had a business in Naha City, I went to Touryumon.

Touryumon is located in Kumoji, the center of Naha City. Located in the center of Naha City, near Kokusai Street and many offices, it is a restaurant that is crowded with office workers at lunch time. There is a large menu signboard with photos outside the store, so you can decide which ramen to eat before entering the store.

large menu signboard with photos outside the store

As soon as you enter the restaurant, you will find a ticket machine on the left hand side. While buying a meal ticket, the clerk puts a cold on your seat.

a ticket machine on the left hand side

And this is the menu for Touryumon. It’s famous for its rich Dandan noodles, but it offers a variety of ramen. How does tomato ramen taste? 

the menu for Touryumon 1

the menu for Touryumon 2

Of course, what I ordered was a thick Dandan noodle. You can choose from thick noodles, thin noodles, and flat noodles. Homemade noodles made at the store. And Touryumon is famous for its delicious Dandan noodles. I was looking forward to what it tastes like.

rich Dandan noodles

And this is Toryumon’s rich Dandan noodles. This is a dish that stimulates appetite with a strong scent of yam. First I tried a bit of soup. A rich umami soup with an exquisite blend of scent of yam, miso and sesame umami, and dried shrimp. As expected, it’s delicious! Special rar oil made with more than 10 kinds of spices and chili peppers are blended to create a moderate pungent taste and rich umami. And this strong, homemade thick noodle that won’t lose its rich umami. A thick noodle that feels stronger as you chew. I enjoyed the rich and tasty noodles without rumors.

At lunch time, there is a service that allows you to choose one of three types: large noodles, additional rice, and dessert. I ordered large noodles but it seems delicious to put the rice in the remaining soup and eat it as a risotto.

I wanted to eat the Dandan noodles again on another day, so I went to Touryumon again. On this day, I ordered the rich Dandan noodles without soup. Of course I wanted to eat thick noodles and the remaining soup, so I added rice.

the rich Dandan noodles without soup and rice

Again, the strong scent of yam and chili oil went through my nose. Stir well with sauce and noodles and tried to eat a bite first. A strong umami and flavor that was even richer than the rich Danda noodles could be played in my mouth. It was a rich umami, but it was delicious at all. It has a refined blend of yam, dried shrimp, homemade chili oil, and shiba soy sauce. This thick umami taste was correct for Dandan noodles.

After finishing eating noodles, I added rice to the remaining sauce and tried to eat it like a risotto. This was also an exquisite dish It was delicious until the end.

I added rice to the remaining sauce and tried to eat it like a risotto

About Touryumon

Touryumon is famous for its delicious Dandan noodles. I was able to eat rich Dandan noodles more than that reputation. There is also a service that allows you to choose between rice, more noodles, and desserts at lunch time. If you want to eat stimulating and rich Dandan noodles, Touryonmon is recommended. Next time I want to eat tomato ramen.

  • Address: Zip
    900-0015 Kumoji 2-11-16, Naha city, Okinawa
  • Open 11:30-04:00
  • Telephone: 098-988-0044
  • Closed: Sunday
  • Parking: None
  • Price: 300 yen ~ 900 yen

The Touryumon is here ↓

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