Okinawa soba restaurant that is familiar to local people, “Tounchiguwa”

Regardless of the age and sex, it has continued to provide Okinawa soba that have been popular among the locals, that is Tounchiguwa. Soup boiled pig bone for a long time and bonito is the base soup, and the noodle of its own recipe is the best match. I went to the head office of such a Tounchiguwa.

The head office is located in Haebaru Town next to Naha City. This time I visited the restaurant after 1 o’clock which was a little past lunch time. The inside of the shop is the Okinawa cafeteria.

Tounchiguwa In-store picture

This is the menu of Tounchiguwa. Of course there are standard Okinawa soba, but there are plenty of set menu.

the menu of Tounchiguwa 1

the menu of Tounchiguwa 2

Although I was attracted to a set meal for a moment, first I ordered a standard Soki soba. After all it is the best way to know the restaurant to eat a classic menu. I would eat it at once. The noodles and soup matched well are good. It is a light taste, but since the pig bone taste was out well, the taste is not thin, it can be deliciously eaten. Soki was also soft, meat breaks apart from the bone. I understand the reason why local people have long been loved. When I ate it, I did not get tired, it was Soki soba with a simble slime of taste.

Soki soba of Tounchiguwa

On another day, I ate a set menu. I ordered “Soki Champloo Set” where jusy and vegetables Champuru can be eaten together. Jusy and Soki soba match well with Okinawa tofu, vegetables and spam delicious vegetable champloo. It is a great deals to taste the taste of Okinawa at once. I deliciously finished this day as well.

Soki Champloo Set

About Tounchiguwa
Tounchiguwa Soki soba with a light taste has been loved by local people for a long time. Tounchi that is Okinawa dialect to mean King house. Guwa is a nickname “cute girl” attached to girls. Okinawa’s old grandmather often seemed to have been called. That’s why it is meant to be King house cute girl, but I can not understand why they decided to name this shop …

It is such a strange name, but it is also true that it has long been loved by locals. It is recommended if you want to eat light Soki soba.

  • Address:
    901-1117 1490 Tsukaya, Haebaru town, Okinawa
  • Open: 11:30~20:00
  • Telephone: 098-888-3091
  • Closed: Wednesday
  • Parking: Yes
  • Price: 515 yen ~ 1,150 yen

Tounchiguwa is here ↓

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