Totora Rich thick Paitan ramen is excellent, cheap, delicious and good volume

Everyone who likes chicken, occasionally you want to eat rich and delicious Paitan ramen based on chicken soup stock? If you like Tonkotsu ramen, miso ramen and salt ramen, but if you like chicken you would like to eat delicious Paitan ramen based on chicken soup stock. In Okinawa the number of delicious ramen shop has increased recently. Still there are not many shops of delicious Paitan ramen based on chicken soup stock. Since I have found a delicious ramen shop of such valuable chiken based ramen, I will introduce it to everyone. That is “Totora”. It is a sister store of a famous Okinawa soba shop “Ishigufuu”. That alone, deliciousness is transmitted.

Toritora is in Tomigusuku city. Because the inside of the store is not so big, it is pretty crowded at noon.

Exterior Photo of Toritora

The inside of the shop is a simple construction of counter and table. On this day I entered the Toritora around 13 o’clock with a little lunch time, but the inside of the shop was full. It is good to see the shop master carefully making ramen in front of the counter.

Inside Photo of Toritora

These are the menu of Toritora. A bit interesting is the Japanese taste ramen, which is based on bonito from Tuesday to Thursday, and Tanrei ramen based on chicken taste on Sunday from Friday. It is different from daily ramen, but we can enjoy ramen with different soup bases. I am also happy that the toppings such as boiled eggs and laver are cheap.

the menu of Toritora 1

the menu of Toritora 2

I thought about ordering special Paitan ramen, but there was a set menu. So, I ordered A set with Paitan ramen, fried rice and water dumplings set. After all the taste of ramen and fried rice set is important.

the set menu of Toritora

Well, Paitan ramen, water dumplings, fried rice A set came. It looks delicious with a considerable volume.

Paitan ramen, water dumplings, fried rice A set

First, I will drink a sip of Paitan rumen noodles. Pretty thick, creamy chicken white soup spreaded in my mouth. I ate soup based on such a thick chicken soup stock for the first time. Although it is rich but the fat content is not bad, the aftertaste is refreshing unexpectedly and I could eat ramen steadily. The meat of the topping was also chicken, it was soft and we can enjoy a different texture and taste from the ordinary pig meal. Water dumplings were also refreshingly delicious with soup based bonito soup, and it matched well for rich chicken Paitan ramen. Fried rice was also delicious hot and fluffy, best match with chicken Paitan ramen. Only 820 yen with this! It is cheap and it works fine and it is plentiful. It was quite a volume, but I ate deliciously until the end. I was full.

On another day I ate Japanese ramen based on bonito soup. On this day it was simple Japanese style ramen. It was a delicious ramen that the scent of bonito spreaded in my mouth and nose. Although the taste was refreshing, the chicken white soup was the base, so the taste was not thin, it was a solid taste. Next time I would like to eat Tanrei ramen.

Japanese ramen based on bonito soup

Toritora shop information
It is rare in Okinawa, rich flavor ramen noodles based on chicken soup stock is a delicious Toritora. You can taste different taste from Tonkotsu Ramen and Miso Ramen. The customer’s My chopsticks stuck on the wall of the shop tell us the taste and popularity of Toritora. If you like chicken, Toritora is definitely recommended.

  • Address:
    901-0241 371-1 Tomishiro, Tomishiro city, Okinawa
  • Open 11:00-15:00, 17:30-21:00
  • Telephone: 098-856-4622
  • Closed: Monday
  • Parking: Yes
  • Price: 590 yen ~ 840 yen

Toritora is here ↓

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