Traditional Mokuhai Okinawa soba “Toraya” in Naha, Best match of strong noodles with delicious soup of bonito

Traditional Mokuhai (wood ash) Okinawa soba kept made in Okinawa before the Pacific War. Such a traditional Mokuhai soba is “Toraya” in Naha city. Good deliciou soup and strong noodle made by wood ash are the best match. It is Okinawa sopa shop where you can enjoy old-fashioned delicious Okinawa soba. This time I will introduce about authentic Mokuhai soba “Toraya” in Naha city.

Toraya is in Akamine, Naha City. It is just in the middle of Yui Rail Akamine station and Oroku station, so even tourists who came to Okinawa travel can go to eat immediately. It is about 7 to 8 minutes walking from the Oroku station. It is near the airport, so you can eat authentic Mokuhai soba so we are happy with tourists as well. It is clean in the counter and table seat.

Inside shop of Mokuhai OKinawa soba Toraya 1

Inside shop of Mokuhai OKinawa soba Toraya 2

There are two types of Okinawa soba menu, Soki soba and Okinawa soba, with rice menu. I ordered Soki soba again this time! Personally I like Soki (pig bone meat), so I will absolutely ask Soki soba. We can choose medium noodles and flat noodles for noodles. Toraya’s recommendation is medium noodle, but I asked for flat noodle in order to confirm the taste of noodle made by wood ash. Authentic Mokuhai (wood ash) soba, I’m looking forward to it.

The menu of Toraya

Waiting for a while and Soki soba (large) came. From the transparent soup, a scent of bonito is standing. When I drunk the soup, the taste and scent of pretty rich bonito spreaded in my mouth. I could not imagine from a transparent soup, it has a solid taste and richness. And I felt delicious umami and delicate sweetness. The proportion of Toraya’s soup is bonito 8: pig bones 2. That’s why the soup is so transparent.

Soki soba (large)

The flat noodle is quite strong and have a response to eating. Even adult men can eat and respond adequately! It is pretty solid noodles, but still this soup is not defeated. I was surprised at a firm taste although it is as simple as soup. Even so, it seems that women and children are better at medium and fine noodle. It seems interesting to compare and eat. It is also good to have Okinawa pottery. It is a pattern of a fish of Kinjo Ichimon.

Mokuhai Okinawa soba and about Toraya
Okinawa soba noodle is made with flour, salt, brine. The wood ash supernatant was used instead of brine before the war. Mokuhai is ashes of hard trees such as banyan mul and deigo. It seems that there are many stores using banyan-like wood ash. Noodles made by wood ash in water instead of brine will be Mokuhai Okinawa soba. Currently brick water is easily available, so the number of stores using wood ash has decreased. Toraya is one of the few Okinawa soba shops that keeps offering such traditional Okinawa soba.

There are also set menus with juicy and chicken rice with Chikinaa on weekdays. It seems that Chikinaa Jako rice is the most popular. People who visit on weekdays please try.

Toraya's great deals set menu

  • Address:
    901-0154 1-5-14 Akamine, Naha city, Okinawa
  • Open 11:00-20:00
  • Telephone: 098-858-2077
  • Closed: First, third Tuesday
  • Car parking: There is a small parking lot next to the shop
  • Price: 450 yen ~ 750 yen

Toraya is here ↓

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