You can eat good miso ramen and Tsukemen at Toraibal

Rich Tonkotsu ramen is also good, but sometimes we want to eat good miso ramen. It is good, but it is painful. There are times when you want to eat miso ramen by sweating while sweating. In such a time, I recommend a good ramen restaurant Toraibal. It is a rich, good and spicy miso ramen shop.

The Toraibal is along the prefectural highway No.82 in Haebaru town. Since it is in a place that you can not come without a car, I recommend that you examine the place in advance, except for local people. When you enter the shop, first you buy a ticket. The menu also has a photo, so it’s easy to understand.

Food ticket vending machine

The menu of Toraibal

This time I wanted to eat hot and delicious miso ramen, so I ordered spicy miso ramen. The interior of Toraibal is like this. It is a simple shop with table and counter.

The interior of Toraibal

To my delight, there is a weekday lunch service at Toraibal. In addition, Noodle large service is free at any time other than weekday lunch time. We are happy about this. This time I was hungry so I ordered with a Noodle large service. I want to eat ramen after all.

Lunch service

When I waited for a while at a seat, hot miso ramen came. It looked spicy as well.

hot miso ramen

First, I drunk a bite soup. After feeling intense hotness, the taste of thick miso spreaded in my mouth. It was quite spicy but it was quite tasty Miso Ramen in harmony with the umami of Miso. Noodles are medium thick straight. It matches well the spicy of soup. Vegetables and toppings were good in texture, and for spicy food lovers it is recommended ramen.

Because spicy miso ramen was delicious, I went to eat hot miso Tsukemen on another day. It looks like spicy too.

hot miso Tsukemen

First of all I ate a bite only for noodles. It was a straight noodle with slippery texture. Unlike spicy miso ramen noodles, something has been kneaded in noodles. As expected it is making different noodles according to homemade ramen, is not it? Next I would eat noodles by putting on soup. After all it was hot and good! It was painful, but the taste of solid miso was rich and can be eaten steadily. This was also a good spicy Tsukemen. I recommend it to hot spicy food as well! Those who are not good at hot food are a bit impossible, but …

Toraibal shop information
In accordance with ramen and Tsukemen, Toraibal has been making homemade noodles. This time I have eaten hot miso ramen and hot miso Tsukemen, but there are other delicious ramen such as plum ramen and Sirotoa, delicious ramen and Tsukemen. I would like to try it next time when I went to Toraibal.

Incidentally, Toraibal is a sister shop of a famous ramen shop Byakko in Naha city. So it is tasty. For those who want to eat hot miso ramen, I’d recommend Toraibal.

  • Address: 〒
    901-1111 Kanegusuku 713, Haebaru town, Okinawa
  • Open 11:00-22:00
  • Telephone: 098-889-8775
  • Closed: Monday
  • Parking lot: Yes
  • Price: 800 yen ~ 1,150 yen

Toraibal is here ↓

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