Kokusai-dori Yatai-mura with fun drinking and eating with families, introducing Tontonmi with good pork cooking

A new sight which is in the back street a little from Naha city international street (Kokusai-dori), it is Kokusai-dori Yatai-mura (International street stall village). At Individual stall we can enjoy tasty dishes making use of Okinawan ingredients and liquor. There are lots of stalls offering 3 cups of liquor and knobs set for a thousand yen (Senbero), and you can drink from lunch even more. As it is an open atmosphere, even a family with a small child can go to drink at the International street stall village. Tontonmi where we can be enjoyed cooking using pork made in Okinawa Prefecture from such International street stall village. I brewed beer with my child from lunch time on holiday.

The street village is in a place which entered a little sideway from the international street. It is about 3 minutes on foot from Makishi Monorail Station, so I think that tourists are easy to come. This climb is a landmark.

This climb is a landmark

There are many U-shaped counters inside the stall village store. Since weather was nice and comfortable on this day, I would like to drink beer from noon at dinner tables outside. The beer that was cold was so good! The beer we drink outside is the best.

cold beer

This is the Senbero drink menu of Tontonmi.

the Senbero drink menu of Tontonmi

This is the food menu. There are many dishes using pork.

the food menu of Tontonmi 1

the food menu of Tontonmi 2

I was lost for what to eat. But at such time, I ordered the shop’s recommended cuisine “Deep fried Tebichi” and “Soft garlic steak of pig tongue”. It seems to go well with beer.

Deep fried Tebichi

Soft garlic steak of pig tongue

Deep fried Tebichi went well with beer. It was very soft, and my child was eating deliciously. Soft garlic steak of pig tongue was very tasty and beer advances. The texture was also interesting, perhaps I ate a pig tongue may have started. Since only 2 dishes were not enough, we ordered “Tonpeiyaki” and “Pig Nod Bella Champloo” in addition.


Pig Nod Bella Champloo

These dishes were also delicious, so I could drink beer deliciously until the end.

Restaurant information on international street stall Village
The international street stall village where you can enjoy Delicious dishes that made use of Okinawan ingredients and delicious alcohol cheaply. We are happy that there are many stalls that can be drunk in Senbero from lunch. Established in Naha city on international street in June 2015, I think that cleanliness and tourists are also easy to enter. I think that we can drink happily with peace of mind even with children.

The entorance of international street stall Village

There is also a map at the entrance and it is easy to understand what kind of stalls are before you enter village.

a map at the entrance

On this day I was drinking around 3 o’clock in the afternoon, but the street in the stall village is like this. There are few people who are still drinking.

the street in the stall village

In the evening the table is prepared in the aisle and the atmosphere is good. This is the atmosphere of the International street stall village. Because there are many stalls where tourists can easily enter, if you are wondering where to drink, stall village is recommended. Because lots of stalls are available, ladlebrew is also fun.

This is the atmosphere of the International street stall village

International Street stall village is here ↓

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