At Tomishiro Tacorice you can enjoy a little unusual taco rice and tacos like Okinawa

Speaking B-class gourmet in Okinawa, there are various kind foods such as Okinawa soba, pork egg, Champloo. But do not forget Taco Rice. It is taco rice to eat the ingredients of Mexican national meal tacos on rice. It’s the name’s food. It is also popular food for travelers coming from outside Okinawa. Such a taco rice, it is possible to eat a little unusual taco rice which arranged like Okinawa at Tomishiro Taco Rice. It is still a new restaurant just opened in 2017. I ate taco rice which was arranged like Okinawa.

Tomishiro Taco Rice is located along National Route 231. Because it is located about 10 minutes by car from Naha airport, I think that it is easy for tourists to come. The interior is bright and fashionable atmosphere of cafe. Because it is a new store, it is clean.

The interior of Tomishiro Taco Rice 1

The interior of Tomishiro Taco Rice 2

First I bought a ticket with a ticket machine. I wondered which menu to eat, I ordered Soki Taco Rice No.1 pupular menu in the restaurant and Tacos No.2. Collaboration between Taco Rice and Soki which is representative of Okinawa cuisine. I was looking forward to taste it.

a ticket machine in Tomishiro Taco Rice

I waited for a while and Soki taco rice and tacos came. This is Soki Taco Rice and Tacos, looks good.

Soki Taco Rice and Tacos

First of all I ate tacos. I sprinkle a lot of hard salsa sauce and glue it. The tacos skin was crisp and tasty, it was a delicious tacos. The texture was very good, I felt crispy in my mouth. Salsa sauce that is not too hot also matched tacos well and was a satisfying tacos. Next was Soki Taco Rice. The combination of Soki and Taco Rice was my first time. I tried eating and was surprised. Soki and taco rice matched up surprisingly. Soki that were seasoned and simmered over 2 days, taco rice and spicy salsa sauce were the best matches. It was delicious with tongue until the end.

Tomishiro Taco Rice shop information
Spice advisor and cheese sommelier qualified owner make Okinawa-like delicious taco rice and tacos. Corn flour 100% tortilla tacos has a crisp skin and delicious taste as well as crispy texture. Moreover, it breaks cornflakes with the tacos skin and it is topped with tasty crisp texture to taco rice. Taste and texture were delicious taco rice. There are also tasty menus such as “Soki tacos” and “Raclette taco rice of plenty vegetables”. I would like to eat it next time I go.

  • Address:
    901-0235 Nakachi 314, Tomishiro city, Okinawa
  • Telephone: 050‐1066‐6901
  • Open: 11:00-21:00
  • Closed: irregular holiday
  • Price: 200 yen ~ 750 yen
  • Parking: There is a parking space in front of the shop

Tomishiro Taco Rice is here ↓

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