You can eat fresh tuna rice bowl directly brought from Naha Port, Tomari Iyumachi

You can eat fresh fish sent directly from Naha Port. That is Tomari Iyumachi. By the way, “Iyu” is a dialect of Okinawa, it is a fish, and “machi” is a market. As the name suggests, Tomari Iyumachi is a market where a lot of fresh fish directly bought from the beautiful Okinawa sea are sold. In addition, you can also eat fresh fish directly from the harbor on the spot with sashimi or sushi at the market. Therefore, recently tourists have come to visit. This time I’ve been eating fresh tuna rice in Tomari Iyumachi and it is to introduce.

Tomari Iyumachi is in Naha City Near Naha Port. The interior of the shop is the so-called harbor market. 24 wholesalers specializing in fish are open.

Tomari Iyumachi store photo 1

Tomari Iyumachi store photo 2

A lot of fresh fish taken in the sea of Okinawa is sold. There are lots of colorful tropical fish that can hardly be seen outside Okinawa.

Fresh fish sold at Tomari Iyumachi 1

Fresh fish sold at Tomari Iyumachi 2

Not only the fish itself, but also a lot of sashimi and sushi are sold. You can buy as it is and eat it in the eat-in space. Even tourists can easily eat the fresh Okinawa fish on the spot.

Sushi being sold at Tomari Iyumachi

Sashimi being sold at Tomari Iyumachi

Actually, Naha City is the third largest in Japan in tuna landing! So you can eat fresh tuna directly from the harbor. Moreover, it sells things that can only be purchased at tuna specialty stores, such as tuna’s eyeball and tuna tail. I bought tuna head. Simply simmered with salt, you can make very delicious tuna soup. Tuna’s soup stock is steady, so salt alone is very tasty.

Tuna sold at Tomari Iyumachi

There was a promotion video of such Tomari Iyumachi tuna, so please have a look.

Well, there is a “Donsushi Maguro Honpo” that you can eat fresh tuna rice in Tomari Iyumachi. You can eat fresh tuna rice bowls directly bought from the port for only 500 yen. Please come and visit when you come to Tomari Iyumachi.

Donsushi Maguro Honpo

The fee is paid in advance. Tuna rice is only 500 yen, but soup can be chosen from Ara Jiru, Squid ink Jiru, and Aasa Jiru. We are glad this. This time I selected Ara Jiru. Fish soup was good, it was delicious Ara Jiru. Tuna is also fresh and soft, as expected is the delicious taste of the port. Please come and visit Maguroya Honpo if you come to Tomari Iyumachi. There are not only tuna rice bowl but also delicious sushi and set menu.

Tuna rice bowl of Maguroya Honpo

If you want to eat delicious fish, please come Tomari Iyumachi
The fresh fish sent directly from the sea of Okinawa can be deliciously eaten at Tomari Iyumachi. If you want to eat delicious fish in Okinawa, please come and visit Tomari Iyumachi. You can eat delicious tuna bowl, sashimi and sushi cheaply. Finally, I will introduce it on Okinawa limited TV commercial.

  • Address :
    900-0001 1-1-18 Minato machi, Naha city, Okinawa, Japan
  • Telephone : 098-868-1096
  • Opening 06:00-18:00
  • Holiday : None
  • Car parking: Free parking available

Tomari Iyumachi is here ↓

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