The BEST Okinawa souvenir recommended at Mihama American Village is TIMELESS CHOCOLATE

When you come to Okinawa travel, what will you buy for souvenirs? There are many kinds of special products in Okinawa, such as Chinsukou Beni-imo tart, Yachimun (Okinawa pottery), Awamori, just choosing souvenirs is fun. But it is hard to choose a souvenir to send to an important person such as a workplace or a friend. To such you, Okinawa souvenir that I recommend as Okinawa local people is TIMELESS CHOCOLATE in Mihama American Village in Chatan Town. It is a simple and stylish chocolate shop using brown sugar from Okinawa Prefecture and cocoa beans around the world. If you enjoy shopping and eating at Mihama American Village, why not try stylish Okinawa souvenir at TIMELESS CHOCOLATE.

TIMELESS CHOCOLATE is an area on the sea side of Mihama American Village, on the 2nd floor of a distortion seaside buildin. When the weather is nice, you can see the beautiful sea of Okinawa. Unfortunately although it was cloudy this day …

distortion seaside building

The interior is a cafe / chocolate workshop. After having lunch at Mihama American Village, it is good to eat coffee and sweets after eating.

inside photo of TIMELESS CHOCOLATE

I have three points to think about choosing a souvenir in Okinawa.

  • Feel like Okinawa
  • Affordable price
  • Delicious, fun to see and have fun, pleased

Okinawa souvenir recommended at TIMELESS CHOCOLATE, which satisfies the three conditions firmly, is a simple chocolate bar made with only Okinawa’s brown sugar and cocoa beans from all over the world. The chocolate made only from pure sugar cane of Okinawa and cocoa beans of each country Ghana, Vietnam, Cuba, Colombia. Tasting can also be done, so you can compare their tastes.

The chocolate made only from pure sugar cane of Okinawa and cocoa beans of each country Ghana, Vietnam, Cuba, Colombia

Four kinds, each has different taste, smell and texture. So I recommend that these four types of chocolates be set Assorted box (1,380 yen). Opening the box spreads a nice scent of chocolate.

Assorted box

When opening the wrapping paper you will find a cute chocolate bar. It’s pretty cute, so I’d recommend it for souvenirs for women.

a cute chocolate bar

Ghana, Vietnam, Cuba, Colombia, chocolate made from cacao beans of each country and pure brown sugar made from sugarcane of Okinawa. Truly the taste and smell differ to texture. Ghana’s chocolate has a strong aroma, I feel the flavor of honey and black tea. Chocolate using Vietnamese cocoa felt acidity like yogurt with light texture. I was surprised at chocolate using cacao in Cuba. I felt the flavor of alcohol and I thought that it has drinking a bit. Chocolate made from Colombian cacao has the highest cocoa concentration and you can taste the taste and flavor of chocolate indeed. I’d recommend an assorted box where you can taste four kinds of chocolates!

This pure brown sugar chocolate terrine (3,500 yen) is recommended for people who are OK even for a little expensive, such as gifts for loved ones, souvenirs for lovers.

pure brown sugar chocolate terrine

The pure brown sugar chocolate terrine made with only four, roasted cacao beans, hand-burned pure brown sugar, Okinawa prefect egg, butter. When opening the box, I felt the sweet smell of brown sugar like passing through the brown sugar factory and the scent of cocoa at the same time.

pure brown sugar chocolate terrine

I was surprised when I tried it! The taste and scent when I first entered my mouth is gentle sweetness of pure brown sugar, but later cacao’s rich aroma and taste came. It is a rich dark brown sugar and cacao taste and scent. It is a chocolate terrine, but this taste and scent was my first experience. Pure brown sugar burned with handmade by craftsmen, using only the most squeezed juice of autografted sugarcane. It is a completely different taste and fragrance from ordinary brown sugar. It suits for drinking. The price is expensive a little, but I think that it is perfect for an important person as a little luxurious gift.

There are also other sweets that I wanted, such as raw sugar bonbons. I would like to try it next time I go.

raw sugar bonbons

TIMELESS CHOCOLATE shop information
Chocolate made from Okinawa’s specialty brown sugar and cocoa beans from all over the world. TIMELESS CHOCOLATE which consistently performs all processes from cocoa beans and brown sugar to chocolate, purchasing beans, roasting, grinding and blending. You can taste the taste of Okinawa’s richness and chocolate loved all over the world at the same time. It is regrettable that it was opened in 2014, but it is still not known so much, but I think that it is tasty, stylish and delicious souvenir like Okinawa. If you are looking for something fancy souvenir, TIMELESS CHOCOLATE is recommended! You can buy it at Mihama American Village, please.

Because the inside of the store is a cafe, you can also search for souvenirs slowly while drinking coffee.


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