Teianda is Okinawa soba shop in Naha, its homemade handmade raw noodles that took time and is good

Homemade hand-made raw noodles that took time and effort, soup that is delicious taste clearly. Such Okinawa soba can be eaten in Teianda in the new city center of Naha city. Teianda is Okinawan dialect, and it means the fat of hands when literal translation is done. It makes sense to cook with all my heart spending so much time as to soak my hands. I ate delicious Okinawa soba made with homemade hand-made raw noodles that took time to make.

Teianda is in the new city center of Naha city. It is on the back side of Ameku Ryubo Rakuichi. The inside of the shop is glassed, the light of the sun is inserted and it is a bright atmosphere.

The inside of the Teianda

This is the menu of Teianda. It is easy to understand with pictures. You can choose flat noodles and thin noodles.

the menu of Teianda 1

the menu of Teianda 2

the menu of Teianda 3

I wondered which Okinawa soba is, but I’d like to try the taste of homemade hand-made raw noodles, so I ordered “Cartilage Soki soba”. I was looking forward to it.

Cartilage Soki soba

First of all, I tried the taste of homemade hand-made raw noodles. It was a raw noodle with a strong flavor and elasticity of wheat and a response to eating. It was a good texture that was unique to raw noodles. Its soup of skipjack and refreshing taste that matches that raw noodle. Soup made by carefully boiling pork bones, bonito flakes, and boiled dishes was excellent. The flavor of ginger was also an accent of good taste, it was quite delicious Okinawa soba. The cartilage Soki was also soft and the taste of the meat was thick. I knew well about a refined soup that was refreshing. I enjoyed deliciously until the end.

Chilled mugwort soba

On another hot day, I ate “Chilled mugwort soba”. Faint scent of mugwort, texture unique to raw noodles. It is a home-made hand-rolled noodle that took time and effort. Sauce was refreshing, it tastes like it is perfect for hot days. Even if it is hot and the appetite is falling, you can eat as much as you like. I am happy that I can eat Chilled Okinawa soba. Unexpectedly there was volume in noodles, and my stomach became full.

Teianda shop information
Homemade hand-rolled raw noodles made with several kinds of flour alone. Stuck to the water they use, handmade noodles made with love by taking time to spare time is the best in taste and texture. Chilled soba using its unique raw noodles is exquisite, perfect for hot Okinawa. There is no doubt that taste that was chosen as the best restaurant in the Tabelog. If you like Noodle, If you like Okinawa soba, please try Teianda all means.

  • Address:
    900-0005 Ameku 1-6-10, Naha city, Okinawa
  • Open 11:00-16:00
  • Telephone: 098-861-1152
  • Closed: Monday
  • Parking lot: There is coin parking in front of the store
  • Price: 680 yen ~ 980 yen

Teianda is here ↓

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