At The Golden Swallow you can enjoy authentic Chinese cuisine with a handy charge

Sometimes you want to eat delicious Chinese cuisine that is exciting and matches well with beer. You would like to pour a delicious beer into your body with the knobs of authentic Chinese cuisine. You would like to enjoy a lot of Chinese cuisine and beer with a handy fee if possible. A perfect restaurant is “The Golden Swallow” at such time. It is a restaurant that you can eat authentic Chinese cuisine with the ingredients of Okinawa at easy prices. I ate the Chinese food that goes well with beer and alcohol at The Golden Swallow.

The Golden Swallow is a Chinese restaurant on the Asato 3-way Road outside the international street of Naha City. You will be able to see it as soon as you walk to the east side from the Asato 3-way Road.

Entrance of The Golden Swallow

The atmosphere of the Chinese food stall is felt inside the shop. It is wide and bright, so it’s perfect for eating and having fun drinking.

Inside photo of The Golden Swallow 1

Inside photo of The Golden Swallow 2

The Golden Swallow recommendation menu is these three items. It is easy to understand with pictures. There are also a variety of snack menu to match alcohol.

The Golden Swallow recommendation menu

The Golden Swallow recommendation knob menu

First of all I ordered a menu recommended “Yodare dori”, “Petan Tofu”, “Baked dumplings” that match well with beer.

First of all, a toast with beer. After a while, “Yodare dori”, “Petan tofu”, “baked dumpling” were brought in order.


Yodare dori and Petan tofu

baked dumpling

The Yodare Dori was very strongly stimulated by red peppers’ spicy and parchi odor, and beer goes on. It was quite painful, but it was very delicious, and as expected it is a knob menu for this store No.1 recommendation. The scent of green onion and sesame oil on Petan tofu was very good, and it also matches well with beer. Baked dumplings are thick and peeled in thick leather, with beef with plenty of juice, there was quite a volume. I drank 3 cups of beer just with these 3 items.

Since I wanted to eat a bit more Chinese food, I ordered “Beijing Black Sweet and Sour Pork”, “Ebimayo”, “Stir-fried Cooked Salt”. Because I made it to an all-you-can-drink menu, I still ate it by drinking.

Beijing Black Sweet and Sour Pork


Stir-fried Cooked Salt

I changed alcohol from beer to highball. Beijing black sweet and sour pork well with the refreshing taste of highball. Beijing black sweet and sour pork which the octagonal scent makes the Chinese cuisine feel strongly. It is rounded but it seems that meat is rounded as it is, unlike meatballs. It is fairly soft and can easily be cut with chopsticks. Ebimayo, popular among women, also has a pleasant texture of shrinp, and stir-frying sauce also fits well with alcohol. I ate quite a lot and ate it. Actually I wanted to eat noodle dishes, but it became quite full stomach so I will keep it for the next excitement.

The Golden Swallow shop information
The Golden Swallow where you can enjoy authentic Chinese cuisine at reasonable rates. It is located in Asato 3-way Road in Naha City and is also convenient for access. The inside of the restaurant is bright and wide, and it is perfect for having fun drinking with a lot of people, whether it is a date, a group of friends or a member of the workplace. Menu is abundant, cooking is delicious, price is also affordable. I made a menu of all-you-can-drink with my friends, I ate a variety of dishes, but it was 3,000 yen per person. If you wants to eat deliciously Chinese food, The Golden Swallow is recommended. Finally I will introduce the food menu and drink menu.

The food menu 1

The food menu 2

The drink menu

The Golden Swallow is here ↓

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