In Tenkaippin We can SENBERO (Beer 3 cups and appetizer at 1,000 yen)

That’s right! Even in the famous Tenkaippin product of that very thick rich ramen we can finally be able to do SENBERO. A cheap SENBERO with Beer 3 cups and appetizer at 1,000 yen. It is perfect also for rich ramen and beer even for a little drink on the way home from work. I have tried SENBERO in Tenkaippin.

It is the Tenkaippin Oroku shop that has come to say. There is a signboard of SENBERO firmly. However, apparently it is only this Oroku store that offers SENBERO at affiliated shops in Tenkaippin. It is a bit disappointing, but still thanking them for starting SENBERO.


This is the inside of the oroku shop of the Tenkaippin. There is a counter and a table seat, it is atmosphere of typical ramen restaurant. I sat on the counter seat and ordered SENBERO.

the inside of the oroku shop of the Tenkaippin

The appetizer can be selected from kimchi, menma, edamame, octopus fried, dumplings. This time I ordered fried octopuses that match well with beer. There are only 3 cups of Orion Southern star drink at Senbero, but it can not be helped because it is a ramen specialty shop.

SENBERO menu of Tenkaippin

This is the menu of Tenkaippin Oroku store. I could not shoot properly because the light was reflected slightly. I’m sorry.

the menu of Tenkaippin Oroku store 1

the menu of Tenkaippin Oroku store 3

the menu of Tenkaippin Oroku store 2

Well, draft beer and fried octopus came. I just started drinking. cheers!

draft beer and fried octopus

Deep-fried octopuses were very soft and match well with beer. I drunk more and more. When I drunk until the second cup of beer, after all I was coming to the Tenkaippin, so I also wanted to eat rich noodles. After all, when you come to the Tenkaippin, do not forget heavy rich ramen.

Draft beer and heavy rich ramen

The 3rd beer came with the heavy rich ramen. I ate a heavenly noodle ramen after a long absence. This unique thick and rich flavor and taste! After all it is Japan’s best rich ramen. I think that it is better to say “Japanese carbonara” rather than ramen any longer. It looks like a soup that boiled chicken and vegetables thoroughly and pulls out umami, but what is this? It is too original creamy soup. Pour the heavy rich ramen with refreshing beer. It was a pretty happy moment.

About Tenkaippin Oroku store
The Tenkaippin that offers the best rich ramen noodles in the ramen industry in Japan. Even Tenkaippin finally began offering SENBERO. It seems to be only the Oroku store, but it is nice if SENBERO spreads. A cup of a little on the way home from work, perfect for rich ramen after drinking. Because the Tenkaippin Oroku store is about 3 minutes on foot from Monorail Oonoyama Park Station, I think that tourists are also easy to visit. Please try eating together with Senbero and rich ramen.

  • 住所: 〒
    901-0151 Kagamihara town 10-2, Naha city, Okinawa
  • Open 11:00〜01:30
  • Telephone: 098-859-8220
  • Holiday: None
  • Car parking: There are several parking spaces
  • Price: 500 yen ~ 1,000 yen

Tenkaippin Oroku store is here ↓

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