Izakaya “Tarajisabira” you eat fresh fish dish of fisherman’s town Itoman

It is izakaya (Japanese pub) where you can eat fresh fish dishes of Itoman City, a fisherman’s town, which is “Tarajisabira”. You can enjoy fresh seafood unique to Okinawa with delicious beer and awamori. It is a bright and safe izakaya that you can relax with children. Basically In Okinawa’s Izakaya you can enjoy meals with peace of mind even with children. Because okinawa family usually eat dinner with their childresn in izakaya. Therefore, you often see a family who is eating in a pub with small children.

On the first floor is a fresh fish store, and the second floor is a Izakaya. Because the first floor is a fresh fish store, we can have delicious fresh seafood from the Itoman Port. Okinawa folk songs and sound of Sanshin flow slowly in the restaurant, you can feel the atmosphere of Okinawa.

Inside shop in Tarajisabira

There is a aquarium tank in the shop, you can also feel the atmosphere of the sea of Okinawa.

aquarium tank in the shop

Today’s recommended seafood is lined up in the counter seat. Looks delicious.

Today's recommended seafood is lined up in the counter seat

The menu table of Tarajisabira is like this. There are many seafood dishes such as sushi and sashimi and Okinawa cuisine.

The menu table of Tarajisabira 1

The menu table of Tarajisabira 2

Of course, many kinds of Awamori of local Okinawa are prepared.

Awamori menu

However, first beer! I had to start off with beer at first. Drink with a squid baked in a great beer set (600 yen). Squid was soft and delicious.

great beer set

Itoman is fisherman’s town. Anything seafood is delicious, but my best recommendation is squid cuisine. Actually Itoman city has the highest catch of Seika (big squid) in Japan! Seika is the dialect name of Okinawa. It is a big squid whose body length is 1 m and weight is as much as 20 kg. Seika is like this.

Seika in Itoman

That’s why I recommend squid as well. Speaking of Okinawa’s squid cuisine, it is a squid ink soup. I ordered a squid ink soup set meal that can eat squid ink soup like a japanese black ink. It is exactly jet black ink squid. You might be surprised if you saw it for the first time. Perhaps it is reasonable to think that “Do I really eat it?”

squid ink soup set meal of Tarajisabira

But you try to eat a bite, you will be surprised. Squid is really soft and easy to eat and tasty. Squid Ink soup also has a rich body and you will be amazed at its umami and rich flavor. You will be more surprised as you eat squid ink soup. The inside of the mouth gets pretty black (lol). Even the next day. The poop of the next day is black (lol). You might worry about it being something weird.

But do not worry. In Okinawa, squid is a soup that has been popular as Kusuimun (food to become medicine). Squid ink soup is thought to have a function to discharge bad things in the body. Indeed, we know that peptide complexes in squid ink have anticancer activity. That’s why squid ink is good for your body. Although the inside of the mouth becomes black considerably …

About Tarajisabira
Izakaya “Tarajisabira” that you can enjoy fresh seafood from Itoman City with delicious sake. Izakaya you can enjoy delicious cuisine and sake at ease with small children. For tourists staying at Itoman City hotel, I’d love to have you visit it. Since it is open lunch, you can enjoy delicious seafood and alcohol from lunch. There were interesting Seasaa and objects made from seashell inside the shop. It was a little funny.

interesting Seasaa made from seashell

interesting objects made from seashell

By the way, “Tarajisabira” is said to be the words the old woman fisherman’s wife was saying with the wish of a big catch. As expected it is a pub in the fisherman’s town.

  • Addres :
    901-0305 6-18-5 Nishizaki, Itoman city, Okinawa
  • Lunch 11:30~14:00, Dinner 17:00~24:00
  • Telephone : 098-987-1265
  • Holiday : Wendsday
  • Car parking: None, please use the surrounding parking lot
  • Price : About 3,000 yen

Tarajisabira is here ↓

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