The 2nd Okinawa Soba Champion Tamaya, simple and good taste Soki soba

Okinawa soba restaurant that values the balance of taste of noodles, soup, topping Soki, Tamaya. Although it is crisp, the taste is not thin, it is familiar to Okinawa citizens with balanced taste. The taste of Soki soba was so chosen as the 2nd Okinawa soba king! I have tried that Okinawa soba champion’s taste.

Tamaya head office store is located in Nanjo City, Okinawa. When you drive a peaceful country road in Okinawa, you can see the Tamaya store in the photo above. As soon as you enter the shop, there is a ticket vending machine in front of you.

a ticket vending machine of Tamaya

For the first time to order with Okinawa soba store, of course recommendation of that shop. So I did not hesitate to order Soki soba (extra large). It’s past 1 o’clock on weekdays, but the shop was quite crowded with local uncle and aunt.

Inside shop of Tamaya main store 1

Inside shop of Tamaya main store 2

Well, I ordered Soki soba (extra large) came. Soup with transparent feeling looks delicious. The scent of bonito leaves through my nose. I was happy also with the mountain mugwort.

Soki soba (extra large) of Tamaya

First of all, without entering anything, I tasted the original taste of Soki soba. A refreshing soup and gentle taste spreaded in my mouth. Noodles are thin and straight. Therefore, it is very easy to eat. There are a lot of noodles in special bamboos, but I ate easily at last. Even if you insert mugwort, you can taste the taste of Soki soba with a different flavor, matching the unique bitterness of the mugwort and the taste of the soup. At last it is the Koregusu. The condition of delicious Soki soba is that the Koregusu fits well. Soki soba of Tamaya also matches well with the koregusu. Truly the 2nd Okinawa soba king! You can taste Soki soba with a different flavor, even if you put a mugwort and Koregusu.

about Tamaya

The 2nd Okinawa Soba King Tamaya. I tried it and knew it. That simple and well-balanced taste was widely supported by the Okinawans. Tamaya is not only at Nanjo city but also other branches. There is also a branch in Toyosaki near Outlet Mall Ashibina. I think that it is good if you eat after shopping. Toyosaki store with good access is recommended for tourists. I have been to this before.

Tamaya Toyosaki store

At the Toyosaki store I ate a mix soba with sake and 3 mainiku. This was also delicious.

mix soba of Tamaya

  • Address:
    901-1400 913−1 Oosatogfurugen,
    Nanjo city, Okinawa
  • 11:00-18:00
  • Telephone: 098-944-6886
  • Closed: None
  • Car parking: There is a parking lot in front of the shop
  • Price: 600 yen ~ 800 yen

Tamaya main store is here ↓

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