A rather interesting Senbero izakaya where you can enjoy authentic Indian curry, “Takoya’s Curry Shop”

For the past two years, corona has made it difficult to go drinking as easily as before. However, the trend of corona has settled down a little recently, so I went to a senbero izakaya around Makishi, Naha City for the first time in a while. I was wondering if many Senbero taverns were closed due to the corona epidemic, but surprisingly new ones were open and more prosperous than I expected.

Among them, I found an izakaya that seems to be a little interesting. That is “Takoya’s Curry Shop”. It’s like a senbero izakaya where you can eat authentic Indian and Nepalese curry. It looks interesting, so I went in for a while.

Takoya's Curry Shop

When I entered the restaurant, there is some kind of unfamiliar music playing, and the atmosphere was quite unique. It was probably Indian or Nepalese music. I don’t understand the meaning of the large Japanese umbrella.

Photo of the inside of the Takoya's curry shop

And this is the senbero menu at the Takoya’s curry shop.

the senbero menu at the Takoya's curry shop

The drink menu is quite extensive, with beer, shochu, highballs, and awamori. In addition, there are 7 types of snacks at Senbero, which is quite a unique menu. Since it was my first time here, I ordered a a beef cut steak!


Cheers to the first Senbero in a long time! The doll on the side will refill your drink. Cute. And this is the beef cut steak for snacks.

the beef cut steak for snacks

The garlic flavor kept the beer flowing. I had all three glasses of Sembelo’s and drank beer.

Takoya’s curry shop also offers an extensive food menu.

Food Menu of Takoya's Curry Shop 1

Food Menu of Takoya's Curry Shop 2

Food Menu of Takoya's Curry Shop 3

Here is the drink menu.

Drink Menu of Takoya's Curry Shop

There were quite a few food items on the menu that I was unfamiliar with and had never heard of. I will want to try many different things. Interestingly, there are also Indian and Nepalese foodstuffs and daily necessities for sale inside the Takoya’s curry shop.

Indian and Nepalese foodstuffs and daily necessities for sale inside the Takoya's curry shop 1

Indian and Nepalese foodstuffs and daily necessities for sale inside the Takoya's curry shop 2

I’ve never seen Indian / Nepalese toothpaste or detergent, so I was very interested in it. There were some products that I didn’t know what this was. The first thing that caught my eye was the product, which is said to be the sweetest sweets in the world! The price was 900 yen, which was a little expensive for sweets, and it was a big can, so it was too much to eat, but I wanted to try what it tasted like. If they could add even one bite to the food menu, I would definitely order it. Please look for it too.

On another day, I got caught up again and came back for a drink. Of course, we started off with a Sembero beer toast!


The snack of the day was “Tandoori Pork”. So it’s pork, not tandoori chicken.

Tandoori Pork

Spicy and savory, this also went well with beer. I was hungry that day. I wanted to try an authentic curry and naan, so I ordered the naan set. You can choose two kinds of curry you like. I ordered “Shrimp Butter Curry” and “Kashmiri Chicken Curry”. The spiciness of the curry can be adjusted in 5 levels. I ordered it at “normal” (2) just to see how it would be.

the naan set

This is the naan set. In addition to this, “Chicken Dikka Kabab” was also included. I first tried the naan without dipping it in the curry. The aroma of the flour and the unique texture of the naan were delicious. The Shrimp Butter Curry was delicious with the flavor of shrimp and the aroma of spices. The Kashmiri Chicken Curry had the flavor of coconut milk, which combined with the aroma of spices, gave it an authentic curry flavor.

I ordered the spiciness at 2, which is normal, so it was not spicy at all, and that was my mistake. 4 or 5 spiciness would have been enough for me to enjoy the dish. However, the fact that I could feel the aroma and taste of the spices without feeling the spiciness made me think that this is indeed the real place. The naan set also comes with lassi as a drink. I had the sweet mango lassi.

the sweet mango lassi

About Takoya’s curry shop

Makishi Public Market, a sacred place for sembero taverns in Naha City, and the Takoya’s curry shop introduced this time is located at the end of its Heiwa Street. The restaurant has an interesting atmosphere, with Indian-style music playing inside that you have never heard before, and the staff are all foreign nationals, making it difficult to tell for a moment which country you are in. I don’t even know what language the waiters are speaking to each other. I felt again that this is the Okinawan chanpuru culture. There are some menu items that I have never heard of, so I would definitely like to go back next time.

Takoya’s Curry shop is here ↓

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